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Meaning: Youll land that dream job oh-so-much faster. Kevin Kunstadt Flushing, strugglesofmara (@marajvan) July 28,” a space traditionally designated for student opinions, told me “What does it mean to care That’s the issue We believe that anger and passion and emotion are how we care The reality is if we care we focus on what matters People get emotional because they ‘CARE’ when they should ‘care’ Softly without props as Toni Morrison would say” It won’t be a quick or easy change but if we each do our part we can slowly bring our youth-sports culture back to where it should be a place for kids to learn grow develop and [gasp] have fun Some ways that parents can game-plan: Cheer for the play that helps the play It’s natural to celebrate the goal the touchdown the game-saving catch Let’s make more effort to cheer for the player who makes the pass or block Call out to the one who sets the pick Send an “attaboy” or “attagirl” to the kid who does one tiny thing thatas part of a chain of eventshelped make the big play happen Most importantly notice those things when other kids do them If you want your child to understand that life is about collaborating with a team reinforce it by spreading your praise up and down the roster Dial down the emotion An expert I once interviewed about the subject said that many youth coaches make a mistake by having a rah-rah-get-riled-up persona during the game They assume it helps get a team motivated to perform well In actuality he said athletes (especially young ones) perform better in a less emotionally charged atmosphere We parents can take the same advice cheer and praise with enthusiasm but with a tone of voice that exudes calmness Translation: “Oh nice play Jennifer way to hustle” trumps “GET TO THE BALL JENNIFER GO GO GO YOU GOT IT MOOOOOOVE IT” Or as my friend Bill the father of two elite-level athletes says “Watch with compassion not judgment” Ask yourself: What does your kid really want While you may be eager to give your opinion on what strategy will work our kids don’t want a constant yammering of tips and tricks from you More likely our kids prefer our role on the support staff: We’re chauffeurs cheerleaders peanut-butter-sandwich-makers ice-pack-fetchers bag-smell-taker-outers Embrace that role and use baking powder Be unsocial Most of the parental sideline issues really are an issue about self-control how we can take an emotional moment (“that was a slash”) and cool down before reacting like a bloated buffoon Some researchers would say that the key to doing that is taking ourselves out of a hot state (the time we act on impulse because our emotions are clouding judgment) and go to a cold state (where we act more logically) That’s difficult when games are essentially one prolonged hot state If you’re prone to outbursts watch the game away from all the other parents (especially opposing ones) since the pack mentality contributes to a pile-on-the-ref sideline Play with not talk to If you want to connect with your kid over sports and offer your wisdom about improvement your contribution shouldn’t come anywhere near game time Toss the ball bike while she runs anything “Like a buddy not a coach” Bill says “You may find out more about your kids as people and they’re more likely to work on their game if you’re not beating them down” Respect the hierarchy I get that we all think we know better and have the strategy that will help the team If you want to question the coach offer advice constructively on non-game days and not in public Then don’t take offense if the coach says thanks but no thanks Want a say in how things are done Volunteer Or login to your fantasy football roster If he runs his mouth sit him down There’s one exception to the above rule If kids act in a way that demeans or threatens a coach player opponent ref or fans and the coach won’t wield punishment then we have the right and responsibility to do so As a parent once told me “Either you’re coaching that type of behavior or you’re allowing it to happen” Offer questions not analysis After a game resist the urge to explain ways your child could improve Just say “How was the game” “Did you have fun” “How’d it go” Realize this first: If your kids want a break-down analysis of how they played they’ll ask you for it Realize this second: They won’t ask you for it Now I believe the motive in most instances of parental craziness is well-meaning We all want our kids to succeed to perform well to experience the joy that we suspect our kids want to feel when they win Nobody questions the notion that you will and should feel passion about what you’re watchingpride disappointment anger about the ref missing an elbow to the face the whole range that comes from watching our kids compete But projecting those emotions will contribute to kids losing enjoyment of the game and ultimately stop playing the game Or maybe we could simply do this as was suggested by a fellow parent at a parent/athlete meeting I recently attended: Maybe we could just ask our own kids how they want us to act Do they want us to yell urgently for them to step up and make a play Do they want us to throw our hats when the ref makes a bad call Do they want us to snipe among ourselves when the coach subbed at the wrong time Do they want us to look so petty that we’re getting riled up for a reason that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme I doubt it What do they want out of playing sports Do they want to go hard compete get better celebrate good plays with their friends and not have to hear their parents squawking before during or after the game Do they want us to remember the definition of play I’m sure my kids would say yes … Ted Spiker (@ProfSpiker) the interim chair of journalism at the University of Florida is the author of DOWN SIZE: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Success He scored a total of 2 points during his entire eighth-grade basketball season Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsAn unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) nicknamed “Little Ripper” deployed an emergency flotation device to save two struggling swimmers Wednesday in what local authorities are calling the first ever drone surf rescue When a beachgoer alerted lifeguards to swimmers apparently caught in heavy surf off Australia’s Far North Coast they were fortuitously piloting a rescue drone as part of a new equipment trial NPR reports Responding to the alert lifeguard supervisor Jai Sheridan hovered the drone about 23000 feet above the two boys and dropped a self-inflating yellow pod for them to grasp onto The drone’s on-board camera recorded the sequence: from location to drop to the swimmers’ grateful journey to the shore “I was able to launch it fly it to the location and drop the pod all in about one to two minutes On a normal day that would have taken our lifeguards a few minutes longer to reach the members of the public” Sheridan told Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald “The Little Ripper UAV certainly proved itself today” The swimmers 15 and 17 reportedly reached the shore fatigued but unharmed “The New South Wales Government’s investment in this technology has already resulted in two people having their lives saved” local politician John Barilaro told the Herald “Never before has a drone fitted with a flotation device been used to rescue swimmers like this” See the rescue above Write to Joseph Hincks at josephhincks@timeinccom Some of them involve skill, who started clicking selfies with the members and the Ghanaian flag. All alcohol-related laws will be strictly enforced.

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