Rufete and Nuno badly lived together for a year in Valencia

first_imgThe Europa League will make Rufete and Nuno face each other again. At least today they will do it from different clubs. Why Rufete and Nuno worked for a year in Valencia, although they never went hand in hand. Their relationship began askew, went stale and ended with treason. They lost and also Valencia, because Rufete had a project and Nuno proves to be a good coach in the Premier.The origin of the divorce is at the very beginning of the relationship. You have to go back to the Champions League final that faced Real Madrid and Atlético. That day, in Lisbon, Peter Lim transmitted to Amadeo Salvo (president ché) that his coach would be yes or yes Nuno, which was from the AVE River and was the first player represented by Jorge Mendes. Lim still didn’t own the club, but the sale was channeled (It closed in October) and Salvo compromised, because he sensed that Lim would impose Nuno even if it was mid-season. Thus, although Pizzi’s continuity had been announced, Valencia presented Nuno on July 5, 2014. Rufete did not play a hypocrite and in the presentation said: “Our intention was to continue Pizzi”. Nuno, indicated by inexperienced by the fans ché, took the license plate. Rufete and Nuno badly lived together all year. They lacked communication and empathy was void. Valencia, for example, played the Champions League in Almeria and Rufete or traveled on the plane. Everything jumped through the air with the signing (frustrated in the medical review) of Rodrigo Caior, that was from Mendes and endorsed Nuno. Salvo and Rufete found out from the press, when only two days before they had ‘agreed’ with Nuno to go to Imbula. There ended the Salvo-Rufete era, which had social support. Three months later, Mestalla’s pressure glared at Nuno.last_img

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