Blighted properties lead to bright future in Kirkwood, Broome County

first_imgKIRKWOOD (WBNG) — Demolition began on the old Travel Inn on Monday, but town and county leaders say the close of one chapter is the beginning of the next one. “When he first told me he was going to do this, we talked about places like Dunkin Donuts or something like that, but also we could have a nice restaurant here,” Kniffen told 12 News Monday. “They have a nice restaurant over in Conklin where people stop for breakfast, lunch, that’d be a nice place.” Located along Route 11 in Kirkwood, the inn was destroyed by flooding in 2011 and hasn’t been inhabited since. Town of Kirkwood Supervisor Gordie Kniffen said he could see several different uses for the space along Upper Court Street.center_img Broome County Executive Jason Garnar (D) said its owners failed to pay its taxes on the blighted property, so the county foreclosed on it. In what he said is a great example of a public-private partnership, the county reached an agreement with Gorick Construction to demolish the property free of cost to taxpayers, in exchange for the deed to the property. Demolition is expected to be completed within three weeks, and the developer said he hopes to finish future development in 2021.last_img read more


Experts urge users to upgrade from Windows 7

first_img“Microsoft has an upgrade utility that you can basically run on your computer, it will take your credit card information and it will bill a license for you,” he said. Wurtenberg says that if you have a computer running on Windows 7 you may be able to upgrade it to Windows 10. This process will put you back about $100. Wurtenberg says that while you may think that big corporations with a lot of data are the most at risk, it’s actually casual web browsing that could get you in trouble. Wurtenberg tells 12 News that if you must continue to use Windows 7 for the time being, develop a plan to upgrade within the next few months. “Any future problems that arise because of viruses or anything to that nature will not be patched,” Wurtenberg said. If your computer is more than a few years old Wurtenberg says that the upgrade may not be worth it and you should consider buying a new computer all together. “The average user browsing Facebook and reading email is probably some of the riskiest behavior that you have,” he said. “I would say that especially those users should be thinking about upgrading to Windows 10.” center_img “You can continue to use your operating system, it will continue to function, however, as time goes on the risk for infection will continue to grow,” he said. “If it’s bordering on three to four years old I’d probably take a stock and say, maybe it’s time to upgrade it and buy one that already has Windows 10 on it,” he said. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — It’s a day many computer users have been dreading. Microsoft officially ended support for its Windows 7 operating system Tuesday. Derek Wurtenberg, department lead for the Managed Services Department at Red Barn Technology Group in Binghamton tells 12 News that if you continue to use Windows 7 after today you will be putting your digital security at risk. Wurtenberg says that while Windows 7 will still work after today, your computer is more likely to be compromised. last_img read more


Local event aims to stop human trafficking in the Southern Tier

first_imgOrganizer’s say this year’s event will focus on the youth; teaching the common signs that someone may be a victim. Members of the task force say they also want teenagers to take part in the discussion and education. “We need more education, we need to talk about this issue we need people to know in every organization, that’s why we are saying it takes a village,” said Battisti. The Task Force says the event is always filled with people ready to learn about the evolving crime happening around the world. The event will include a presentation from the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force and a speaker from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, along with a question and answer session. “They want to know how to help. They want to know what they can do if they happen to see signs or are suspicious of something. What can they be empowered to do to be a part of the solution,” said the executive director of the Life Choices Center, Michelle Brown. “If they come to an understanding to where the risks are and how the perpetrators are behaving, then they also can be a part of the protection. They are right in the midst of it and they can be leaders within their own peer group,” said Brown.center_img “It Takes a Village” will be at Calvary’s Love church in Johnson City on Friday January 24 from 6 P.M. until 9 P.M. The Southern Tier Human Trafficking Task Force is hosting an event Friday called “It Takes a Village,” with the goal of educating parents, adults, and teenagers about how to protect their community from predators. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Local leaders are planning an event to spread awareness of human trafficking and ways the community can help stop it. “It’s not just something that’s happening cross country. It’s here in Broome County, it’s everywhere,” said Southern Tier Human Trafficking Task Force co-chair, Christine Battisti. “In 2019, we have 21 confirmed victims of trafficking which are under the age of 18 here in Broome County, which the federal definition is anytime a youth engages in a commercial sex act and there is something of value exchanged for that act.” Organizers say due to the nature of the topic, they ask participants to be ages 13 years or older.last_img read more


Johnson City Police arrest one in connection to burglary

first_imgA “portion” of the stolen cash has been recovered, they say. The police department is looking for another suspect. On Feb. 5, the police department says it arrested 34-year-old Crystal M. Collier of Binghamton for burglary in the 3rd degree, a class D felony. Collier has been released in compliance with the bail reform law, the Johnson City Police Department says.center_img Police say Collier is accused of aiding two others in the burglary and taking cash. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — The Johnson City Police Department says it is investigating a burglary at a business that occurred Jan. 19.last_img


Saturday at 10: CBS’s 48 Hours special report on Haley Anderson murder case

first_imgAs many may recall, 22-year-old Binghamton University nursing student, Haley Anderson, was found strangled in in an off-campus apartment. Her accused killer, Orlando Tercero fled to Nicaragua where he has dual citizenship. 12 News interviewed CBS Contributor, Maria Elena Salinas, on her piece. Saturday at 10 p.m. on CBS, the true crime series 48 Hours will have a special report on the Binghamton murder case. (WBNG) — More than two years after a Binghamton University student murder case that captured the nation’s attention, it’s once again making headlines on CBS’s true crime series, “48 Hours.”last_img