Rufete and Nuno badly lived together for a year in Valencia

first_imgThe Europa League will make Rufete and Nuno face each other again. At least today they will do it from different clubs. Why Rufete and Nuno worked for a year in Valencia, although they never went hand in hand. Their relationship began askew, went stale and ended with treason. They lost and also Valencia, because Rufete had a project and Nuno proves to be a good coach in the Premier.The origin of the divorce is at the very beginning of the relationship. You have to go back to the Champions League final that faced Real Madrid and Atlético. That day, in Lisbon, Peter Lim transmitted to Amadeo Salvo (president ché) that his coach would be yes or yes Nuno, which was from the AVE River and was the first player represented by Jorge Mendes. Lim still didn’t own the club, but the sale was channeled (It closed in October) and Salvo compromised, because he sensed that Lim would impose Nuno even if it was mid-season. Thus, although Pizzi’s continuity had been announced, Valencia presented Nuno on July 5, 2014. Rufete did not play a hypocrite and in the presentation said: “Our intention was to continue Pizzi”. Nuno, indicated by inexperienced by the fans ché, took the license plate. Rufete and Nuno badly lived together all year. They lacked communication and empathy was void. Valencia, for example, played the Champions League in Almeria and Rufete or traveled on the plane. Everything jumped through the air with the signing (frustrated in the medical review) of Rodrigo Caior, that was from Mendes and endorsed Nuno. Salvo and Rufete found out from the press, when only two days before they had ‘agreed’ with Nuno to go to Imbula. There ended the Salvo-Rufete era, which had social support. Three months later, Mestalla’s pressure glared at Nuno.last_img read more


San Sebastián turns with the heroes of the Copa del Rey

first_imgDonostia dawned yesterday with a sweet hangover: the Real society go back to an end of Cup 32 years later. The team managed to qualify against the Mirandés and now seeks to surprise in The league to the Barça in the Camp Nou, the worst stage for your interests First division, where he has reaped 23 consecutive losses since 1996.The night became long in Gipuzkoa. Already in Miranda the party broke loose and then moved to Zubieta. The bus of the brand new finalists arrived at the Txuri-Urdin facilities beyond two in the morning and was received by a hundred fans, who thanked the feat deserved. Hugs, songs and flares accompanied the arrival of the Imanol squad, which took a mass bath. The fans accompanied the players until they took their private cars to go to their homes. The Donostiarras are at their best moment of play and results and now, parked the Cup until April, they will try to focus on LaLiga, competition in which the San Sebastian They aspire to enter the Champions positions. The Camp Nou, where Real has not scored since 1995, does not seem, however, the best place to score points, since it links in the culé stadium a streak of 23 games, between League and Cup, settled with defeats.Aperribay He was a happy and excited man yesterday. “It is impossible to explain what comes to mind,” the president acknowledged. “It is the prize to the effort of many people of this club. The Real has gone through many things, odyssey in the desert … It is time to enjoy and take advantage of it. We will go to Seville with force,” he said excitedly.The president has led the team since Second until his first final in three decades, but he puts himself in the background: “It is not the time of the president, it is that of the fans and the players. I feel this way, although I am delighted, obviously, also for me.”last_img read more


Florentino Pérez: “Lorenzo Sanz was the one who gave us back the illusion”

first_imgThe president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, wanted to share a few words in memory of Lorenzo Sanz, his counterpart sadly passed away on Saturday at the age of 76, after entering infected with COVID-19.The top president of the white club began the statement transmitting his “Condolences to all his family, especially his wife, his children, his grandchildren and all his friends and loved ones”, and made it known that “Real Madrid is at his side.” He deeply regretted not being able to say goodbye to Lorenzo: “This situation we are going through is so cruel that it prevents us from being with ours in the last moments.” Nor did he forget the families of the victims of the coronavirus “who are experiencing this terrible drama. We live in a time that we couldn’t imagine even in the worst nightmares. “ Florentino took the opportunity to honor the memory of Lorenzo Sanz and emphasize the triumphs that Madrid achieved under his mandate: “Today we remember the figure of Lorenzo Sanz, a president who The long-awaited European Cup brought us to Madrid, after 32 years of long waiting. The madridistas will always remember him as the president who gave us back hope and joy on May 20, 1998 in Amsterdam. The Seventh arrived. Also the Eighth two years later in 2000 in Paris, and Real Madrid returned to occupy its rightful place in history. During his five years of presidency we were once again great in the European competition that our fans love so much and that becomes something unforgettable. With him, Real Madrid continued to enhance its history and legend. “He emphasized the love of the former president of the merengue club for his team: “Lorenzo’s passion was undoubtedly Real Madrid and those emotions were still very present in him during these last years. “In addition, he promised to pay tribute to him at the Bernabéu after the crisis ended: “From the club we are going to do everything that his figure and his legacy deserve to pay him the tribute that all Madrid fans want. A tribute in that Santiago Bernabéu stadium that every game kept coming to feel his team. Now, as we all know, it is not possible, but of course we will carry it out. “Florentino concluded the statement by giving an encouraging message to society to face these days when the pandemic is hitting Spain and the entire world: “I know very well that these days are, without a doubt, days of sadness, but let us not forget that in this strange time we have to live, we must all continue to show strength, resistance and integrity until the end. And that is what the President Lorenzo Sanz “.last_img read more


21st Century Cracks: Ilaix Moriba, the ‘Pogba’ of Barça

first_imgHe is an intimate friend of Ansu Fati (both say they are like ‘brothers’) and in April 2019 Barcelona wanted to shield him to try to stop the talent drain that has been taking place in La Masia in recent years (Eric García, Dani Olmo , Sergio Gómez …). For this, Barça had a hard negotiation with Barnett, Moriba’s agent and also Bale’s. Finally, he extended his relationship for three more years and made him the best paid in the quarry: 2 million euros per year and a clause of € 100M. Thus he chased away the siren songs of City, Juventus and Chelsea, among others, who wanted to sign him.Despite being born in Guinea Conakry, Moriba has always played for Spain in the lower categories. He played the last U-17 World Cup in Brazil, in which La Rojita fell in the quarterfinals against France. It was one year less than the rest, but he ended up consolidating himself as a starter. Now, when the competition resumes, he hopes to continue helping Barça B for very soon to be able to share costumes in the first team with his ‘brother’ Ansu Fati… Ilaix Moriba (Guinea Conakry, 2003) he is the most popular footballer in the Barça youth team, after Ansu Fati is definitely settled in the first team. Those who know him well speak of him as the ‘new Pogba’, although adding the associative capacity that Yaya Touré showed in his time in Barcelona. His long period in the Blaugrana quarry (he arrived in 2010 from Espanyol) has allowed him to grow up in the culture of touch football, but without losing his strength and vertical play.Although he is a first-year junior, this season he has played eight games with the subsidiary in Segunda B. In fact, in the last game played this year, against Llagostera, he scored a goal that made him a the second youngest player in history to score with Barcelona B (aged 17, one month and 18 days). Only Dongou (16 years, 11 months and five days) surpasses him in earliness.In its promising evolution, García Pimienta, technician of the subsidiary, is playing an important role. “I am very grateful for the confidence he gives me, I am learning a lot. To mature, to read every situation in the game. I’m with him to death, “says the footballer.last_img read more


Anxiety attacks footballers due to the economic crisis of COVID-19

first_imgTechnique ‘456’. Other specialists, such as the doctor Claudia reardon, from the University of Wisconsin and a member of the IOC, you have a short recipe for fighting depression in elite athletes: communication, self-control and training. “Athletes fight to achieve goals, and that mentality of overcoming is what must be applied.” Paul Wylleman, professor of psychology at the University of Brussels, adds other tips for overcoming confinement: not being over-informed, keeping in touch with family and friends, adjusting to the environment, and practicing mental training. “One technique you can use is 456. Four times a day, you must inhale air deeply for five seconds and then exhale for another six seconds while you slowly relax your shoulders, “he recommends Wylleman. Team up. The International Federation of Professional Soccer Players (FIFPro) published a study five years ago in which it concluded that professional soccer players are at high risk of depression due to the public demand they have. According to the survey, more than 35% had any of these distress problems, especially if they had long-term injuries. As well, the coronavirus has also fully affected the morale of the players. According FIFPro, An upturn in cases of anxiety has been detected since the beginning of confinement, a situation that has affected all athletes, but with a higher incidence among those who practice collective sports, such as soccer players.ERTE. Players are just as sensitive as the rest of the population to the problems generated by the COVID-19. Health is the big concern, but footballers are also not immune to wage cuts, ERTE and the insecurity generated by the crisis. Some unions have started aid programs for their members. One of the first to do so has been the Scottish Professional Footballers Union (PFA Scotland), which has sent its affiliates a series of recommendations to avoid negative thoughts. “Some players are distressed by economic problems and also by uncertainty about the future,” he acknowledges. Michelle Evans, responsible for the welfare of PFA Scotland.last_img read more


Valverde-Setién: 14-0 in youth squads

first_imgNor should we forget that Setién has had the real possibility of giving minutes to players of the subsidiary, especially in the Copa del Rey competition, where it was played with teams like Ibiza, Second B, but finally decided to bet on first team players in their vast majority.His predecessor in office, Ernesto Valverde, was also widely criticized for not betting on the people of the house. Nevertheless, During the two and a half seasons that he was in charge of the first team, the ‘Txingurri’ managed to debut a total of 14 players. The first on the list was striker José Manuel Arnaiz. From here came the premieres of Marc Cucurella, David Costas and Oriol Busquets. In their second campaign, eight kids premiered in the first team: Juan Miranda, Jorge Cuenca, Chumi, Riqui Puig, Moussa Wagué, Alex Collado, Abel Ruiz and Carles Pérez. And while he was in the 2019/20 academic year, Ansu Fati and Ronald Araujo debuted. The excuse that Setién has had little time to start working thoroughly with the quarry is a feasible argumentAlthough the coach himself has publicly acknowledged that he has not been convinced by the players in Blaugrana grassroots football. His phrase, “What do people want: the quarry or move on?” will go down in history. On the day of his presentation, Quique Setién claimed to have a special empathy towards the youth academy and the kids who rise from grassroots football, “if they push and earn it, they can play in the first team”, reason why more than one began to rub their hands believing that the image of a first team plagued by youth squads in the starting team would be repeated very soon. In any case, Very soon it began to be verified that from saying to fact there is a stretch: the initial bets for Riqui Puig or Ansu Fati were mitigated until they became little more than testimonials.In fact, Setién has not debuted any player from the quarry. In the three months he has been on the bench – although the last one has been confined by the coronavirus pandemic – he has had the opportunity to give the alternative to two players: striker Rey Manaj, which he called against Getafe on February 15 and defender Sergio Akieme, who called for the matches against Eibar and Naples, on February 22 and 25, respectively, due to the loss due to injury of Jordi Alba on the left wing. Neither of them finally debuted. Neither is goalkeeper Iñaki Peña, who has been called up in several games.last_img read more


Mayhew gets heroes’ welcome at Charlemont High

first_img “I didn’t think it (participation) would have led to this and all what took place, so everything has been unexpected. I am really surprised, I didn’t know that anything like this was going to happen,” he exclaimed. “From the moment I came through the airport, my family and school was there cheering me on, and it was just a feeling of excitement and feeling good to know my school can support me like this; whatever happened, they still have me as a winner, and I feel good to know I can make my country proud and my family and school happy,” he told The Gleaner. Mayhew, who has only been in the sport for over a year now, revealed that the track was not the best. “The environment at the track wasn’t perfect to get the best times. All the competitors’ times were slower than their best in training, so that really affected everyone. But I tried my best although the track wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t enough to win the race. “But I am 13th in the world, and that is awesome,” he beamed. “A lot of support was there. There were few Jamaicans, but everyone supported me because they love Jamaicans, and that was one of the factors that caused me to get my best time, and I really feel good and hope for the best in the future,” he continued. “My motivation is to make everyone proud and put my best in everything I do. I feel I can make it. I know I have the potential as I am doing the sport for 12 months and qualified for the Youth Olympics with lack of training and factors needed to perfect the sport. “But I am going somewhere in life, and that’s a challenge. I will keep on doing what I am doing to make everyone proud,” he said. Charlemont High School gave Daniel Mayhew a hero’s welcome for his performance at the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway recently, with an open march celebration at the Linstead-based institution on Monday. The march started almost on the highway and the students travelled for little over a mile en route to the school, where the 17-year-old got an even greater reception from the waiting school populace, with banners and pictures of his achievement decorating the school. Mayhew became Jamaica’s first Junior Winter Olympics representative, finishing a creditable 13th in the monobob competition at the Games. “I thank Charlemont High School for putting it (celebration) on. The feeling I got was extraordinary, I felt so happy knowing I wasn’t a winner on the podium and I come home a winner because of the support everyone has shown me,” said Mayhew. SURPRISEDlast_img read more


Russell, Gaye shine in 400m at NCB Intercol

first_img Good work JANIEVE Russell of the University of Technology (UTech), and G.C. Foster College’s Demish Gaye shone brightly on yesterday’s final day of competition at the NCB Intercollegiate Track and Field Championships at the National Stadium. Russell, who had won the women’s 400 metres hurdles on Friday’s opening day, won her second title in fine style, clocking a personal best 51.17 seconds. Drawn in lane three, Russell covered her main rivals, Tiffany James and Dawnalee Loney of Mico University, very early and sprinted away from the field to win easily. James, 52.30 for second, and G.C. Foster’s Verone Chambers, who was third in 52.55, also clocked personal best times. Russell was very pleased with her performance. “I am very happy with my victory today. I was very confident going into the event, and this is a good sign for me,” she said, while praising her coach, Stephen Francis. Coach Francis had high praises for his charge. “It was, indeed, a good performance for Janieve, and to know that she ran a personal best just coming off a surgery,” said Francis. Gaye, the find of the season in the event, defeated a quality field, clocking a fast 45.57 and, in the process, broke the old record of 45.93 set by UTech’s Rusheen McDonald in 2014. Twayne Crooks (47.00) of UTech was second, with third going to Alvin Green of G.C. Foster College in 47.22. “It has been a very good season so far for me, and going to the recent World Indoor Championships as a part of the Jamaica team, has motivated me and I am looking forward to continuing the good work this season,” said Gaye. Oshane Bailey of G.C. Foster College completed the sprint double. Following his 100 metres win on Friday, Bailey pipped Kevean Smith of UTech on the line to take the 200m in 20.72 seconds. Smith did 20.77, with Everton Clarke of G.C. Foster, third in 20.82. Former Calabar High standout Michael O’Hara, now competing for the University of the West Indies (UWI), was fourth in 21.19. Shericka Jackson of UTech clocked 22.98 to win the women’s 200m ahead of teammate Shimarya Williams (23.33), with 100m champion Jura Levy of G.C. Foster College taking third in 23.48. The day started on a good note for the Mico University College. They picked up two wins in the first two finals, the women’s and men’s 1500m, through Samantha James and Alex Hutton. James, who won the 800m on Friday’s opening day, clocked 4:43.63. Hutton won the men’s event in 4:06.28. With the relays still to be completed last night, G.C. Foster College appeared set to take the men’s and women’s titles. • MEN: G.C. Foster College 126, UTech 83, UWI 81, Mico 38 and Exed 23 • WOMEN: G.C. Foster College 152, UTech 130, UWI 93, Mico 42, Church Teachers’ College 7.last_img read more


Oh sleep, where art thou

first_img And it’s certainly not unique to me. The 13-hour time difference between Jamaica and China and all the reasons listed above, and more, make this the situation for all the Jamaicans here. It’s something I’ve become used to over the years and it’s exactly what we signed up for, so, no complaints. Still, it’s probably a good thing there is a single-session day coming up soon. Anyway, when you’re staying up almost until the next morning’s session writing about Usain Bolt’s title defence after a tough season or O’Dayne Richards’ amazing and historic shot put bronze, or Rusheen McDonald’s 43-second national record in the 400m, things seem to flow a little better. You feel less tired; all is well with the world. The Bird’s Nest was rocking on Sunday night (Sunday morning Jamaica time), and I can only imagine the scenes in Half-Way-Tree as Bolt, in particular, sped to victory in the 100m. There was a camera crew at my station in the stands filming my reactions before, during and after the race. I hope my bosses don’t see that tape; I probably had as many interview requests as Bolt himself. Congrats again to the medallist and to Rusheen. Yesterday belonged to Jamaica. I think there will be a few more days like this to come. Which, of course, means … no sleep. jamaican experience You know what? I think the journalists here covering the World Championships should get some medals as well. Yeah, man! For solo journalists from a country like Jamaica with so may athletes participating, such a demanding and knowledgeable public, such high- profile athletes, it really is tough work covering major championships like the World Championships. Just yesterday, Yohan Blake’s manager, Cubie Seegobin, was making fun of me in the media tribune, telling a friend that I seem to be having trouble sleeping since I’m always sending messages at odd times and always ‘online’ since I have been in China. It certainly isn’t by choice. It feels like I haven’t really slept since arriving a week ago. For sure, since the meet itself started, I’ve been logging consistent days with nothing more than an odd hour or two.last_img read more


Pennetta to retire after US Open triumph

first_imgNEW YORK (AP):Talk about going out on top: Flavia Pennetta won the US Open for her first Grand Slam title at age 33 and then announced during the trophy ceremony she has decided to retire.Pennetta did not have to beat Serena Williams in the final. Instead, Pennetta needed to get past the woman who ended Williams’ Grand Slam bid, Roberta Vinci. And Pennetta was able to do just that, pulling away in a matchup of Italians who were opponents and doubles partners as kids.In one of the unlikeliest major finals in women’s tennis history, the 26th-seeded Pennetta beat Vinci 7-6 (4), 6-2 at Flushing Meadows yesterday – then revealed she was ready to hang up her racket, a decision she kept private until that moment.”This is how I say goodbye to tennis,” Pennetta said as her fiancÈ, tennis player Fabio Fognini, captured the scene with his phone’s camera. “I couldn’t think to finish in a better way.”That announcement served as a perfectly out-of-nowhere conclusion to a surprise-filled tournament, the biggest shock being Vinci’s win against Williams in the semi-finals on Friday. That stopped Williams’ 33-match winning streak in majors and her attempt to become the first player since Steffi Graf in 1988 to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in a single season.”I passed 24 hours with a lot of things on mind,” Vinci said. “And I was a little bit tight, especially in the first set.”Pennetta is the oldest woman in the Open era, which began in 1968, to become a Grand Slam champion for the first time. Vinci, who is 32, would have earned that distinction had she been able to follow her stunning upset of Williams in Friday’s semi-finals with another victory.This was the first major final for either participant and the first time since WTA computer rankings were instituted in 1975 that both US Open women’s finalists were ranked outside the top 20 (Vinci is 43rd). Pennetta entered the tournament with only a 17-15 record this season. Vinci was 20-20 in 2015 and 40-43 in majors for her career.Clashing for two decadesThey grew up 40 miles (65 kilometres) apart in coastal towns in Puglia, a region on the heel of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula, and have been facing each other on court for two decades – with the stakes much lower, of course. They shared laughs and tears in the locker room Friday while watching a video of a TV interview they did back in 1999, when they won the French Open junior doubles title as teenagers.”It’s tough,” Vinci acknowledged, “to play against one player that you know (for a) long time.”And when yesterday’s match ended, after Pennetta flung her racket overhead, she went up to the net to find Vinci, not for a handshake but for a lengthy hug. Vinci patted her pal on the back repeatedly, while Pennetta cried. Then they sat on adjacent sideline chairs and chatted, just a couple of foes and friends.Vinci pantomimed throwing a punch as a joke, and Pennetta wrapped an arm around her. Vinci charmed the crowd later, saying she wanted the champion’s trophy, not the one for the runner-up, then pretending to steal Pennetta’s $3.3 million check.”We know each other since forever,” Pennetta said. “We spend so much time together, we could write a book about our lives.”Quite a chapter yesterday would provide.last_img read more