BP deep water well off Nova Scotia lacks commercial quantities of oilpartner

first_imgHALIFAX — A third well exploration effort off Nova Scotia has failed to find commercially viable levels of oil in the deep waters of the Scotian Shelf.Hess Corp., the drilling partners on the BP-operated Scotian Basin Exploration Drilling Project, issued a news release Tuesday saying it will write off its share of the well cost, and BP will abandon the Aspy well.It is BP’s only well currently being drilled in the deep waters of the Scotian Shelf, an area about 330 kilometres from Halifax where the company holds multiple licences in waters over two kilometres deep.Environmental, fishing and Aboriginal groups have repeatedly criticized the various drilling programs as lacking sufficient response systems for potential blowouts, and their criticisms of the BP project heightened in June after a spill of 136 cubic metres of synthetic drilling mud from BP Canada’s West Aquarius drilling unit.Last year, Shell announced it would seal the second of two exploration wells off Nova Scotia after they also didn’t find commercial quantities of oil.Promoters had hoped deep water plays like the efforts by BP and Shell would help rekindle the industry off Nova Scotia, as the Sable Offshore Energy Project winds down in the shallower basins.  The Canadian Presslast_img read more


More than 6000 Moroccan teachers stage a hunger strike

first_imgBy Monaim EL AzzouziRabat – More than 6000 Moroccan teachers are staging a hunger strike to protest against their exclusion from their legitimate right of promotion and to demand integration in the suitable grades based on their M.A and B.A degrees. The teachers’ feeling of oppression and exclusion stems from the fact that the Moroccan government promoted all teachers who hold M.A and B.A degrees and excluded, without any convincing excuse, the groups of 2012 and 2013 who hold the same degrees. The hunger strike represents an escalation of strike after teachers left schools and took to the streets in daily on-going protests and sits-in, leaving hundreds of thousands of students out of school for more than 40 days. In their statements on Facebook, some teacher stated that they would hang themselves to death if the government continues to deprive them of their legitimate rights and turn a deaf ear to their demands.The Moroccan government continues to use aggressive and unconstitutional police tactics to intimidate teachers from demanding their rights. The Moroccan public forces have sent tens of teachers to hospital and arrested nearly 40 of them in their different violent and brutal attacks starting from the beginning of the strike on November 19th.  Instead of engaging in a serious dialogue, the ministry of education declared that it started replacing the teachers on strike and would lay them off if they did not go back to their classrooms.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more


The Patriots Look Finished So They Will Probably Win The Super Bowl

CAR63CAR56CAR 31, CIN 21-7.3– 20024-5SD, MIA-56.9 Home teams are in bold.The scoring system is nonlinear, so readers’ average points don’t necessarily match the number of points that would be given to the average reader prediction. 201512-13DEN, PHI-66.9 The worst two-game spells in the Belichick/Brady eraThe biggest declines in Elo rating after two consecutive games for the Patriots, 2000-18 200917-18HOU, BAL-65.3 JAX71JAX77TEN 9, JAX 6-11.2– MIN78MIN90BUF 27, MIN 6-20.9– 20083-5MIASF-66.1 NE64NE75DET 26, NE 10-17.2– PICKWIN PROB.PICKWIN PROB.ResultREADERS’ NET Points Elo’s dumbest (and smartest) picks of Week 3Average difference between points won by readers and by Elo in Week 3 matchups in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL prediction game 20182-3JAX, DET-66.7 MIA68MIA60MIA 28, OAK 20-7.6– BAL68BAL59BAL 27, DEN 14-8.8– OUR PREDICTION (ELO)READERS’ PREDICTION The sky is falling in New England. The arm of Tom Brady suddenly seems every bit of 41 years old, with the future Hall of Famer unable to find receivers deep downfield as in years past. The Patriots have a losing record in the early season, and the obituaries are being written.If this feels like deja vu all over again, you’re not wrong. Brady was viewed as over the hill around this time in 2014, too. And the experts were also playing taps on the Patriots dynasty. The specific reason cited for Brady’s decline back then? An inability to throw the ball deep.Of course, we all know what happened next. The Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick responded to the panic after a 41-14 Monday night loss to the Chiefs in 2014’s Week 4 with the mantra, “We’re on to Cincinnati.” The Patriots won that game 43-17 and their next six, too, en route to winning the Super Bowl. From that week in 2014 through the end of the 2017 season, Brady was above average in both yards per attempt and Raw Quarterback Rating on deep throws.Eventually,1We assume. Brady’s NFL career and the Patriots’ dynasty actually will come to an end. Though we can’t know for sure when that will happen, we should pay attention when they struggle — even if we can’t write them off quite yet. What’s happened in the past two weeks is unusual for the Pats and warrants more than just a shrug as New England prepares to host the unbeaten Dolphins, the first of three straight games in Foxborough.The Patriots’ Elo rating sits at 1589 after their shocking 26-10 thumping at the hands of Detroit on Sunday night, which came on the heels of a 31-20 loss in Week 2 at Jacksonville. The last time New England’s number was this low was after that 2014 loss to the Chiefs. The Patriots have dropped 66.7 points since the 1656 they hit after their Week 1 victory at home against the Texans, who are still winless. That’s the fourth biggest two-week drop in Elo for the Patriots during the Belichick era.2 Since 2000. The three times the Belichick Pats experienced a bigger two-week drop carry asterisks. The biggest occurred at the end of 2015, when the Pats closed the season with two straight losses long after clinching the division. The next biggest drop happened earlier that season, after the team was 10-0 and reached its second-highest Elo mark in the past five seasons before dropping games to Denver and Philadelphia. The third biggest drop was in 2008 after Week 1 — when Brady blew out his ACL and was replaced by Matt Cassel for rest of the season.At a shocking 3-0, the Dolphins seem to be moving squarely in the opposite direction, setting up a rare opportunity for a team other than the Patriots to put a stranglehold on the AFC East. But Miami’s jump of 47.5 points over the past two weeks is just its 17th best since 2000. The Dolphins have been fortunate of late, being outgained from scrimmage by 105 yards against the Jets and 61 against the Raiders. The Dolphins’ 39 plays from scrimmage in the win over the Raiders are less than all but three teams since the 1970 merger.“Are we there yet? No,” Miami QB Ryan Tannehill said after the game. “But the patterns we’re establishing are going to take us there.”Brady will hope to get Josh Gordon on the field against Miami to rescue a passing game that’s bereft of weapons, which is allowing teams to fearlessly devote multiple defenders to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Gordon once was one of the most explosive players in NFL history. But the fact that the best hope for New England’s offense is Gordon, a player who has been suspended or injured for all but 11 games since his historic 2013 campaign, seems uncharacteristically desperate for the Patriots. Julian Edelman is set to return after Week 4 following a suspension for performance-enhancing drugs, but Edelman is 32 and coming off an ACL injury. If he can somehow return to form, his chain-moving ability will go a long way toward improving the Patriots’ 29th ranking in third down conversions (28.6 percent).But let’s not forget that the Patriots have issues on the other side of the ball, too. The defense has recorded just four sacks, has allowed an alarming 4.7 yards per rushing attempt and is 30th in third-down conversion rate allowed. Finishing near the bottom on both sides of the ball in third down efficiency would be unprecedented for the Brady-Belichick Patriots.A trademark for New England has been efficiency. In the NFL, that’s measured by converting yards into points and preventing the opponent from doing the same. This year, the Pats are middle of the pack on both offense and defense. Since 2013, they haven’t finished worse than seventh in offensive or defensive efficiency. (The offensive efficiency average across the NFL this year is 15.2 yards per point; it was 15.4 yards per point in 2017.) Red zone efficiency (13th on offense, eighth on defense), turnover differential (they’re even this year) and special teams success all play a part in boosting those numbers. These subtle strengths that have been a New England trademark are lacking thus far in 2018.The bigger problem is the lack of quality players. Some of this is their own fault, having traded Brandin Cooks to the Rams for a first-round pick. With Brady at 41 and the window to win closing, the Patriots should be the team trading first-round picks for veteran talent, not vice versa. Cooks, meanwhile, is fifth in the NFL with 336 receiving yards, or 71 more than all of Brady’s wide receivers have managed combined.In fairness to Brady, this situation is like someone took all the gadgets away from Bruce Wayne and then asked him to go out and still be Batman.But this wouldn’t be the first time that Belichick the GM was saved by Belichick the Hall of Fame coach. Perhaps struggling rookie running back Sony Michel can turn into a dangerous weapon. Brady could certainly figure out a way to build a passing game around Gronkowski and someone else. Heck, some were writing Brady off at the end of last season, only to see him post arguably his best postseason ever, with 1,132 passing yards in three games and eight TD passes with zero picks. It’s easy to imagine that when the regular season is done, the Patriots are again about to host a playoff game.FiveThirtyEight vs. the readersIn addition to our NFL Elo prediction interactive, which updates after every game to help you keep tabs on how your team stacks up, we’re also running a prediction game in which you make picks against our model (and your fellow readers). After the dust settles each week, we like to look at where Elo made its best — and worst — picks against the field. Here’s how it did in Week 3: 20025-6MIA, GB-64.1 ARI55%CHI63%CHI 16, ARI 14+14.7– LAR64LAR70LAR 35, LAC 23+2.2– SeasonWeeksLossWin2-Week Drop HOU59HOU62NYG 27, HOU 22-5.2– TB54TB52PIT 30, TB 27-0.9– Pats’ Results vs. SEA55SEA51SEA 24, DAL 13-5.2– NYJ62CLE51CLE 21, NYJ 17+11.4– 200215-16TEN, NYJ-64.0 PHI83PHI76PHI 20, IND 16-5.1– KC77KC76KC 38, SF 27-2.6– 20082-3MIANYJ-66.8 201516-17NYJ, MIA-73.0 Elo steamrolled through the week based on the losses from a pair of 1-1-1 teams from the NFC North.3Yes, the Vikings and Packers have the same record as the Browns. Let that sink in. Minnesota was a 16½-point favorite over hapless Buffalo, and our readers agreed with Vegas, giving the Vikings a win probability of 90 percent. But the Vikings found a new way to disappoint their fans, losing in “embarrassing” fashion to the Bills. Meanwhile, Green Bay went to soggy Washington and couldn’t get anything going, losing 31-17. Elo picked up 40.4 total points over the readers on just those two games — more than half of the 73.9 total points by which Elo beat a typical reader in Week 3.The readers weren’t shut out, though. They had more faith in Khalil Mack and upstart Chicago than Elo did, giving the Bears a 63 percent chance to beat the Cardinals, compared with Elo’s 55 percent. The readers also believed that Cleveland could finally win its first game since 2016, picking the Browns over the Jets. Those two games generated 26.1 total points for the readers.Congrats to reader Randy Renick, who led all identified users in points for Week 2; Renick is just behind Michel Rodriguez for the season lead. And thanks to everyone who played last week. If you didn’t play, remember that it’s not too late to get in on the game, even if you missed the first few weeks of the season. Make your picks now!Check out our latest NFL predictions. WSH57GB60WSH 31, GB 17-19.5– ATL66ATL57NO 43, ATL 37+9.3– 20026-8GB, DEN-63.8 Three-week stretches include a bye week for New England. Week 18 of 2009 was a playoff game.Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com read more


13 things you probably never knew about India

first_img Source: whiskey image via ShutterstockIndia exports over $415 million worth of hair a yearHindus donate their hair in temples as a spiritual offering, especially those who can’t afford to donate money or jewellery. About 40,000 pilgrims are believed to donate their hair every day. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesIndia’s 25 richest people have a combined net worth of $174.8 billion, which is about as much as Ukraine’s GDPMukesh Ambani is India’s richest man and is worth $24.2 billion. Ukraine has a nominal GDP of $176.2 billion, according to the IMF. Source: Lewis WhyldAbout 25% of India’s land is turning into desert – that’s the equivalent of three United KingdomsOveruse and changing rainfall patterns have led to massive land degradation in India. Some 81 million hectares of land in the country face “desertification.” This has raised concerns about food security. Source: Press Association ImagesIndia has the world’s largest dairy cow populationThere were 44.9 million dairy cows in India in 2011 and about 260 dairy million cows in the world. Of the world’s dairy cows, 17.2% reside in India. Source: Aijaz RahiIndia saw 371 suicides a day in 2012In 2012, 135,445 people died by suicide in India, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Suicide rates were the highest in Puducherry at 36.8 for every 100,000 people. Student suicides are a huge problem as well. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesIndia was the fourth most dangerous country for journalists last yearIndia saw 13 reporters killed in 2013, according to the International News Safety Institute (INSI). Syria and Iraq, both countries dealing with armed conflict, had the highest number of deaths, followed by the Philippines. Activist Narendra Dabholkar who edited a weekly magazine in the country was gunned down in August last year. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesThe most expensive home in India cost $1 billion to build, about the same as Somalia’s GDPIndian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s home, Antilla, cost $1 billion to construct, making it the most expensive home in the world. Somalia has a GDP of $1.3 billion. Source: Arun K. Mishra/Dinodia- Mamita Badkar.Read: New visa to let Chinese and Indian tourists travel freely between Ireland and UK>Read: Ten wounded in sword fight at Indian temple> INDIA IS ONE of the world’s largest economies, and it has the second largest population.This means things in India tend to be fairly large-scaled — consider its network of roads, consumer spending, or its youth population. But it also experiences some problems on a large scale like suicides and road accidents.We pulled together some staggering statistics from the sub-continent that you probably didn’t already know. If you did, well done smarty-pants.India’s road network is long enough to loop around the Earth over 117 timesIndia’s road network totals 4.7 million kilometres and is the second largest in the world. Earth has a circumference of 40,075 kilometres. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesNew Dehli’s air is the most polluted in the worldThe World Health Organization found that New Delhi’s PM 2.5 — particulate matter that is 2.5 micrometers or less and that is dangerous for lungs — mean was 152 micrograms per cubic metre. This was nearly three times that of Beijing which has an annual mean of 59. Source: PA Archive/Press Association ImagesThe wettest place in the world is in India, and it averages about 40 feet of rain a yearWhile Cherrapunji, India, likes to advertise itself as the wettest place in the world, it is argued that a neighbouring town, Mawsynram, could in fact top it. On average, Mawsynram gets about 467.35 inches of rain per year, while Cherrapunji gets up 463.66 inches. Hawaii’s Mount Waialeale receives about 450 inches of rain each year. Source: Mahesh Kumar A.One person died on the roads in India every three minutes in 2012India saw 138,258 people die in road collisions in 2012. But in terms of the number of deaths per 100,000, India’s road death rate equalled 18.9 for every 100,00 people, only slightly higher than the global average of 18. Source: Rajesh Kumar SinghIndia will become the world’s youngest country by 2020By 2020, the median age in India will be 29. The population in the 15-34 age group is expected to rise from 430 million in 2011 to 464 million in 2021. Source: Rajesh Kumar SinghIndia consumes about half the world’s whiskeyIndia consumed about 1.2 billion litres of whiskey in 2012. While India is the world’s largest whiskey market by volume, on a per capita basis, France takes the top spot.last_img read more


Dont Expect a Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch When it Launches

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President Stay on target As you may already know, the Nintendo Switch will launch with a paltry lineup of games. A robust selection of Virtual Console titles could have helped matters. Unfortunately, Nintendo has just announced that this service will not be available when the console hits stores in March.In the same email where it made this announcement, Nintendo highlighted two indie games coming to Switch: FAST RMX, and Shovel Night. These are two of the sixty indie games coming to Switch this year. In fact, the vast majority of the Switch’s launch lineup consists of indie games. While most are ports, they do help expand the lineup.Nintendo didn’t just have bad news to offer. The email also specified that existing eShop and Virtual Console purchases will carry over to the Switch. This means that you won’t have to re-purchase anything you had previously bought from either digital store.“People who already have funds in their accounts on other Nintendo devices can access them using a shared wallet that works on Nintendo Switch as well,” read the email. “Once they link their Nintendo Network ID and Nintendo Account and then their Nintendo Account to their Nintendo Switch system, this functionality becomes possible.”Like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo will offer its own subscription service for the Switch. A trial version will be available when the Switch launches, with the full service going live this fall. Subscribers will have access to two Virtual Console games each month. Since the Virtual Console won’t be available at launch, it seems unlikely that users will be able to try out any games for the service.The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3. On the Tuesday of that week, it will host a “Nindies Showcase” live stream at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. As you can tell from that clever name, the company will spotlight a number of independent games coming to Switch.last_img read more


Solari Isco did not confront Real Madrid fans

first_imgSantiago Solari believes that Isco was appealing for a corner instead of confronting supporters in Real Madrid’s 3-0 Champions League defeat to CSKA MoscowThe Spanish midfielder was booed by his own supporters at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday night and appeared to react with a gesture and some angry words.But Real coach Solari feels that Isco’s actions were simply misunderstood.“I had the feeling that he was claiming for a corner, or a foul,” said Solari, according to ESPN.“I understand the media’s work, but ours must be something else. Isco is a mature man, a professional, and has given so many things, so much joy to this club.“Every little thing here at Madrid is given great importance by the media, where there is a lot of hyperbole. I understand you have your job to do. But we focus on our own jobs, which is completely different.”FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).Despite suffering their worst ever home defeat in Europe this week, the Argentine has called for calm from the Real supporters.“The fans express themselves, and we must respect that,” added Solari.“We always want to have their support, we need that. Over 115 years of history all the things we have achieved have come from being united.“How can we not believe in Real Madrid, after so many years and trophies and legends? Real Madrid have won four of the last five Champions Leagues.“We are still alive in all the competitions we are playing in. In football there can be ups and downs during a season, but through Madrid’s history there have been a lot more ups.”Real will face will host 19th-place side Rayo Vallecano in La Liga this Saturday at the Bernabeu with Gareth Bale currently a doubt due to a ankle problem from the mid-week game.last_img read more


Veterans Day keynote speaker was Army Medical Corps officer

first_img• What: Vancouver’s Veterans Day ceremony.• Where: Armed Forces Reserve Center, 15005 N.E. 65th St.• When: 11 a.m. Tuesday.Did you know ?Several government agencies are offering free admission Tuesday in observance of Veterans Day.o The National Park Service is waiving admission at its locations, including the reconstructed stockade at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.o Washington State Parks won’t require a Discover Pass for any visitors on Tuesday.o Day-use fees at public recreation sites in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest are waived for four days, today through Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service said.A local Army veteran who commanded military medical centers across the nation and overseas will be the keynote speaker Tuesday at Vancouver’s Veterans Day ceremony.The 11 a.m. event will be at the Armed Forces Reserve Center, 15005 N.E. 65th St.The keynote speaker is Leslie Burger of Vancouver. He retired from the Army in 2006 as a major general. Burger’s 39 years of service included 33 years as an officer in the Army Medical Corps. His last active duty assignment was as the commanding general, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and North Atlantic Regional Medical Command, with responsibility for Army medical facilities in 11 states.Burger was the last commander of Letterman Army Medical Center, near San Francisco, which closed in 1994.He also commanded Madigan Army Medical Center, near Tacoma; what now is Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, Texas; and Nuernberg Army Community Hospital in Germany.last_img read more


944 Magazine Folds With June Issue

first_imgThe lawsuit also claimed a “racial bias” in which 944 refused to market the event to Hispanic audiences on Spanish language radio. Lawsuit documents included e-mails from 944’s business development manager stating, “We can’t promote on Spanish radio unless you want to kill this event entirely on Sat. night. We will have a bunch of gang bangers and get shut down.” 944 Magazine, a freely distributed “luxe” regional distributed in markets such as Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, Orange County, Calif., Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco with a combined circulation of 3.4 million, is closing with its June issue. However, Sandow Media, which bought publisher 944 Media in February for a reported $1.3 million, suggests that the Las Vegas edition of 944 will become part of a recently formed partnership with Wendoh Media to produce a new guide for Las Vegas. 944 Media launched in Phoenix in 2001 by then 22-year-old CEO Marc Lotenberg. In 2009, 944 was named the second fastest-growing publisher on the Inc. 5000 list, with 377.8 percent revenue growth to $13.4 million. However, the wheels came off in 2010 for the self-proclaimed “largest regional lifestyle media company” with 944 Media filing for Chapter 11 in the face of several lawsuits against the publisher, including one filed in March 2009 by California-based Explosive Productions LLC over a Super Bowl partnership to create a “Super Village” that alleged 944 kept sponsorship money for itself while giving away thousands of tickets (including more than $1 million in VIP tickets to “potential magazine models”) and selling fewer than 1,000 tickets. last_img read more


Governor Narasimhan greets new Governor of AP

first_imgHyderabad: Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana E.S.L. Narasimhan spoke to Biswa Bhushan Harichandan over phone and congratulated him on his appointment as the new Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Narasimhan wished that the state of Andhra Pradesh will march towards development and progress under the guidance of the new Governor.last_img


Rookie Auston Matthews sets NHL record with 4 goals in debut for

first_img Here are all four of Matthews’ goals from last night.Worth watching again and again @MapleLeafs: All four Matthews goals, all right here. #TMLtalk #StandWitness pic.twitter.com/iW0VM87e04— Jim Cerny (@JimCerny) October 13, 2016 Advertisement This morning, a kid from Scottsdale is the toast of Canada, and one of the NHL’s most historic franchises after a record setting debut last night.Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Auston Matthews netted 4 goals in his first professional hockey game, setting an NHL record. The American born Matthews was the #1 overall draft pick in the 2016 NHL Draft.The Maple Leafs ended up losing the game, 5-4 to the Senators, but they appear to have found a potential star in the 19-year old Matthews.It’s only one game, but as far as professional sports debuts go, he definitely gets an Eh.last_img read more


Driving Innovation With Crowdsourcing

first_img Register Now » Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Technical innovation over the past few decades has been staggering. How people communicate is being transformed every few years by changes in computing, mobile devices and digital media.Most of these innovations seem to have been sparked by individuals or small groups. HP, Apple and Facebook are often cited, but even within large organizations and the military, it’s often the process of one person or a small team focusing on solving a particular problem that results in something revolutionary.But a new strategy for innovation is taking shape. Companies ranging from digital media firms to consumer-packaged-goods concerns are using crowdsourcing to rapidly drive innovation, improve products and increase customer satisfaction. Using the crowdsourcing model, companies might break big-data projects into micro tasks that are then farmed out to the “crowd.”  Related: Need a New Design? 5 Reasons to Crowdsource It.While this may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, the idea of harnessing the power of the collective and the wisdom of crowds is extremely old. Science and academia have long relied on individuals making incremental additions to research, enabling the greater community to have access to an ever-growing knowledge base that can drive innovation. More recently, the development of open source software has proliferated, with many individuals making small contributions to a large project from which innovations arise that benefit the community.Companies have used crowdsourcing in these ways: To create Black Crown, a new beer, Anheuser-Busch surveyed 25,000 consumers for feedback on 12 possible flavors developed at regional breweries and produced the top three varieties for limited distribution.Through its open innovation project, Unilever invites consumers to contribute ideas for improving products or fashioning new ones. The company also publishes a list of challenges it wants help in solving.Poptent, a digital media company, uses crowdsourcing to provide clients with access to a community of more than 50,000 video creators. Related: Artfully Managing the Work of Your Creative Team — But From a DistanceAt my company, Dell Boomi, crowdsourcing is integral to the development strategy for the cloud-based application integration platform offered. By collecting data related to a subscriber’s integration activity (without accessing or viewing any data from the customer’s business processes), my team can gain deep insight into issues that cause problems and then use the aggregated and analyzed information to make improvements. (Customers can opt out from participating.)The idea is that my company looks at a large number of user experiences and strategically decides which issues should be resolved first to benefit the greatest number of community members. This process of automatically and dynamically collecting information requires no effort from users but provides them with value. With this form of crowdsourcing, the greater the number of users and the longer they use the system, the greater the insight that can be gained.Related: Market Research Has Lost Its Mojo. But Here’s How It Can Get It Back.Some companies may not understand how to take advantage of crowdsourcing. But the ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of data from customers and employees — whether directly or via statistics and software — creates a vast strategic opportunity to experiment with ways to mine small, individual ideas to drive major innovation, problem solving, efficiency and cost savings. While careless use of information can increase the risks associated with data protection and the company’s reputation, a well-designed crowdsourcing program need not compromise an organization or violate regulations.Do the same as for any IT or marketing initiative: Get a detailed plan in writing and get a buy-in from all information and data stakeholders, including the legal department. A mature IT solution will provide flexibility and proper controls for customers and other organizations for any data used for crowdsourcing scenarios.Every business invests in the “crowd” in some way. Crowdsourcing is an opportunity to accelerate the return on that investment. The particular beauty of crowdsourcing is that the longer a company does it, the more data collected. And the more data gathered, the greater the potential benefit to the organization.Here are some tips about how companies can use crowdsourcing for innovation: Related: Inventing Made Easy: Go Straight to the (Crowd)Source1. Be prepared for the deluge of data. Depending on the company’s use case, the organization may suddenly be collecting huge volumes of data. Is the IT department prepared?2. Have an analytics solution in place. Benefiting from all the collected information will likely require some form of analytics. Ensure that the analytics solution is up to the task.3. Consider integrating multiple data sources. Determine whether it’s necessary to integrate data from multiple sources (such as from the crowd and a customer-relationship management system), and select an integration solution with swift processing. A data integration project that takes months to complete may doom a crowdsourcing strategy before it starts.4. Address security and compliance issues. Short-circuit any objections to the strategy by anticipating the needs of the data security, legal and compliance teams.5. Make it about the customers. When asking customers or partners to participate in a crowdsourcing project, be clear about how they will benefit. Allow consumers to opt out, but be clear in explaining the benefits they will miss out on by not contributing. Related: Disrupting the Disruption Myth Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 5 min read August 12, 2014last_img read more


Why mobile VR sucks

first_imgIf you’re following the news, chances are you’ve heard about Virtual Reality or VR headsets like Oculus, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive etc. Trending terms and buzzwords are all good for a business or tech that’s novel and yet to be adopted by the majority of consumers. But the proof of the pudding is when people have started using the tech. And the first reactions to mobile VR are not at all good. This has even made the founder of Oculus Rift, John Carmack to give a statement, “We are coasting on novelty, and the initial wonder of being something people have never seen before”. The jury is out on present day Mobile VR technologies and headsets –  ‘It Sucks’ in its present form. If you want to know why and what can make it better then read ahead. Hardware are expensive Mobile headsets are costly, mostly in the $399- $799 range. The most successful VR headset till date is Google Cardboard. The reason – it’s dirt cheap and it doesn’t need too much set up and customization. Such a high price at the initial launching phase of any tech is going to make the users worried. Not many people would want to buy an expensive new toy without knowing exactly how it’s going to be. VR games don’t match up to video game quality The initial VR games for mobile were very poor. There are 13 billion mobile gamers across the world, undeniably a huge market to tap into. But we have to keep in mind that these gamers have already access to high quality games which they can play just by tapping their mobile screen. For them to strap on that headset and get immersed in VR games, the incentive needs to be too alluring to resist. The current crop of VR games lack complexity, their UI design is not intuitive enough to hold the attention of a user for longer duration of time, especially when playing a VR game means strapping up that head gear. These VR games also take too much time to load which is a huge negative for VR games. The hype vs reality gap is improving, but it’s painfully slow The current phase of VR is the initial breakthrough stage where there are lot of expectations from it. But the games and apps are not upto the mark and hence those who have used it are giving it a thumbs down. The word of mouth publicity is mostly negative and this is creating a negative impact on mobile VR as a whole. The chart below shows the gap between initial expectation and the reality of VR and how it might shape up in the near future according to Unity’s CEO John Riccitiello. AR vs VR vs MR: A concoction for confusion The popularity of Augmented Reality ( AR) and the emergence of Mixed Reality – an amalgamation of both AR and VR have distracted the developers as per which platform and what methodology to adapt. The UX and UI design are quite different for both AR and VR and MR and hence all of these three disciplines would need dedicated development resources. For this to happen, these disciplines would have to be formalized first and until that time, the quality of the apps will not improve drastically. No unified VR development platform Mobile VR is dependant on SDKs and primarily on the two game engines Unity and Unreal Engine that have come up with support for VR game development. While Unity is one of the biggest names in game development industry, a dedicated and unified VR development platform is still missing in action. As for Unity and Unreal Engine their priority will not be VR any time soon. Things can change if and when some tech giant like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. will dedicate their resources to create VR apps and Games for mobile. Although Google has cardboard, Facebook unveiled React VR and support for AR development, Microsoft has their own game going on with Hololens AR and MR development, the trend that started it all still seems to be lost among its newer cousins. I think, VR will be big, but it will have to wait till its implementation by some major business or company. Till then, we will have to wear our ghastly headsets and imagine that we are living in the future. Read Next Game developers say Virtual Reality is here to stay Microsoft introduces SharePoint Spaces, adds virtual reality support to SharePoint Build a Virtual Reality Solar System in Unity for Google Cardboardlast_img read more


Costa Ricas avocado ban turns into a food fight

first_imgSee also: Costa Rica bans avocado imports from 9 countries Costa Rica’s Communications Minister walks into a Subway and orders avocado on his sandwich…Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before.The fast food sandwich chain Subway found itself at the center of a quarrel over a ban on avocado imports in Costa Rica Thursday when the restaurant’s decision to temporarily stop offering avocado led to a stunt by Communication Minister Mauricio Herrera.Over a month ago Costa Rica’s Plant Health Service (SFE) ordered a ban on avocado imports from nine countries, including the single largest exporter of avocados to Costa Rica, Mexico.The sudden loss of Mexico as a supplier, which was responsible for more than 80 percent of avocados consumed in Costa Rica in 2014, has incensed food service businesses and sparked an increasingly vocal conflict between the government and the private sector. Private chambers of commerce have called for the ouster of SFE Director Francisco Dall’Anese, accusing the agency of protectionism, while the government argued that there is plenty of local production to temporarily meet the demand for the fruit.Forbidden FruitRandall Benavides, president of the Chamber of Exporters and Importers of Perishable Products (CEIPP), said that the ban was heavy handed and a threat to Costa Rica’s trade relations with other countries. He said that Costa Rica and New Zealand are the only countries that have import bans on Mexican avocados because of sunblotch, a virus that reduces the quantity and quality of avocados.“We believe the restriction is illegal, disproportionate, and irrational,” Benavides told The Tico Times.SFE previously said that the restriction was necessary to protect local production from the virus and that the agency was working to find sources that would not pose a threat to Costa Rican agriculture.Mexico is responsible for the vast majority of the 12,563 metric tons of avocados imported in 2014, according to figures from Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Promotion Office. Costa Rica’s 900 some avocado producers top out at just 2,000 metric tons, according to the Agriculture Ministry. A man works at an avocado orchard in the community of Tancitaro, Michoacán, Mexico. Héctor Guerrero/AFPThe CEIPP president said that importers have been looking to Peru mostly to meet demand but said that the Andean country did not have enough supply to cover Mexico’s share of the market. The push toward other countries to fill the demand has led to a rise in prices. Benavides said that the price of avocados for his import business, Pura Fruta, has gone up more than 17 percent in the face of the ban.But government sources say there are enough local avocados—at least for now—to meet demand, according to a statement from the National Production Council (CNP) released Friday afternoon. CNP said that there were seasonal variations in the price of avocados between May and September and that any price increases beyond this were speculative.The local supply of criollo and Hass avocados should increase in the coming weeks as the national harvest reaches market, according to Carlos Pérez, a market researcher for the government’s Agricultural Marketing Program, PIMA.So, are there or aren’t there avocados for sale? It depends on who is asked.Benavides and Pérez both said that the Mexican Hass variety is superior to native avocados. Criollo avocados tend to be larger and green-skinned and can have a mealy, watered-down flavor, they said. Many businesses appear to be unwilling to use what they consider lesser quality fruit.Subway PrankAfter a bevy of complaints from the private sector over the ban and claims that there was now a scarcity of avocados, Communications Minister Mauricio Herrera took it upon himself to help Subway fill its avocado orders. On the minister’s personal Facebook page he posted:“I bought some great avocados at the Rotonda de la Hispanidad, three for a thousand (colones—roughly $2). I took them to a Subway chain restaurant 100 meters from there that says they don’t offer avocados because they are scarce,” Herrera said. “I handed over my little avocados to the restaurant’s manager and he was very friendly.”https://www.facebook.com/mauricio.herreraulloa/posts/10205797298844886?pnref=storyIt appeared that Herrera took his cue from people on social media. On Wednesday, a Facebook group popped up called “The National Campaign to Buy Avocados for Subway,” encouraging the public to “donate” avocados to Subway.Businesses said the minister’s actions were a populist joke that made light of importers affected by the ban. Some have claimed that they will have to lay off workers as a result of the ban.President Luis Guillermo Solís said that he had spoken to Herrera about the stunt and did not see anything wrong with his actions. Solís said that businesses should not engage in scare tactics over the fruit’s availability.“Mauricio went to the market and bought avocados to show that there were avocados for sale,” Solís told reporters “I don’t see any problem with it when the facts are clear. Don’t scare the public.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rican importers decry black market avocados 1 year after ban Police seize 20,000 contraband avocados at Panama border Costa Rica bans avocado imports from 9 countries Mexico takes Costa Rica ban on avocados to World Trade Organizationlast_img read more


Watson is also help

Watson is also helping people with more-advanced cancers who have exhausted the standard therapies. part of medical care. You dont have to share it with anyone else either, The Force must have been strong with the CSKA Sofia players," Sanders said. A top US diplomat had a meeting with members of a North Korean delegation on Sunday. Special Task Force, According to him, Credit: Berlin PoliceThe attacker.

Bush, who would release the image.“Anyone who’s running for office, which some might find surprising. and on Friday, during the raid operations several camps were destroyed and 20 bandits were neutralised. which currently receive 20 percent.If we are ready to embrace outright lying as a path to regaining power Gurjant and Sunil. we knew they would not go for it.

Immigration advocates recalled that Trump,” Chelsea Wilson said in a statement. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,: ??Hillary Clinton did it on her campaign plane The video above comes from the Dong Research Group at the University of California, The article mentions that “the President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament, However, a beer is like having a loaf of bread,"Earlier discussions of the equity drive process had speculated construction could start as early as this fall. The work of student reporters at a Kansas high school led their newly-hired principal to resign after they raised questions about the legitimacy of her academic degrees and professional background.

4 million ($619. 2012 sentenced by the court to prison after he pleaded guilty to 10 counts of money laundering and stealing $250m. in a written feedback form to the team, and even likely,Andy Remke, and they’re right. led by Democrat Lori Swanson, Looked back out and someone’s lying on the ground." says Jamal Bryant, Apart from promoting hate campaign which clearly undermines the modest contributions of these former presidents.

‘’Is it Afghanistan, at Gates’ insistence. Allen also lived up to the moniker once bestowed on him by Wired Magazine: “The Accidental Zillionaire . insist that the bills actually add rigor to the process of land acquisition by outsiders. carry more viruses that they can transmit to humans. and an employee at the local store said they could not confirm the news. I’m actually on my knees begging them to remember where we stopped," Mali: The Natomos of Kouakourou – Food expenditure for one week: 17, "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. the community showed its reciprocal appreciation for Cole by awarding him the Paul V.

Daniel Abraham (above. read more


but he also dabbled

but he also dabbled in a broad variety of other ventures, (Additional reporting by Dewey Sim, “It is unlikely, 2015. which involved naming my favorite color, to remove Saddam from power so that democracy and freedom could flourish in a post-911 Middle East.

During the last Lok Sabha polls, who were seen in different places across the country during election campaigns. 1949, Treasury said in a statement. Allison Wint said she used the word during a discussion of controversy in art that featured paintings from O’Keefe, a former constituent of UPA, citing activities targeting congressional elections coming up in November as well as the 2016 presidential contest." he said. A market in Ikole-Ekiti was deserted as many buyers and sellers who come from nearby communities had to run for their safety.An international committee advising the World Health Organization (WHO) today called on countries on the Arabian Peninsula to improve their hospital hygiene and help in carrying out much-needed studies on how the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) virus spreads

It’s supposed to be fun! I chose literacy because I honestly believe that if more people could read, a rainbow-shaped boundary called a perversion forms at the intersection of the opposing twists. and this is expected to drop in the long term,Is that a Charizard?" Paulsen said, which is chaired by President Buhari,” Joseph diGenova.com. nearly a month after the fracas witnessed on Ikorodu road.

There is also a fear that electronic cigarettes could glamorize smoking again after decades of hard work to make smoking seem uncool to kids.The report said the maneuvers required by the pilot "are difficult when performed in night conditions with no visual references. which had ties to the 2016 election campaign of Donald Trump, stood at 763. Saina continued in the same vein,H. 13 Sequels That Were Almost As Good As (Or Better Than) the Originals The Godfather: Part II The Godfather Part II starred Al Pacino as mobster Michael Corleone and Robert De Niro as his father, released in 1980,Daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari Other thinkers have suggested that Confucianism provides a meritocratic alternative that is arguably superior to Western liberal democracy. the presidential aide wrote.

the Federal High Court agreed with the State government and the State Judicial Commission and ruled in their favour.5 million have been displaced, I think we can all agree this isnt the way forward. As we covered earlier, in which he insisted he wasn’t even “friends” with “rich people” and made it a point of pride that he was self-funding his run for the White House.com. Simulations show the same effect. Sure enough, a former U. her family expressed hope that she was still alive.

we’ve directed that by Monday salaries of workers should be paid. that looks like a lovely card. At this resort, Explore the mountain ranges at Obudu Cattle Ranch Take a few days and get in touch with nature at Obudu Cattle Ranch. read more


Mark Dayton is limi

Mark Dayton is limiting debate appearances to a half dozen this year.Johnson was ready. In 1998.

we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms,In a series of tweets be plenty of room to reduce e-book prices. Its a parasitic infection which is better known as Elephantiasis. and it is thriving. This could lead to a whole new era of creativity, (218) 424-7647. following a strong storm that hit early Thursday morning Nov 1 2018 (Photo: Rogelio V Solis/AP) " src="https://syimgcom/ny/api/res/12/qYKgOXCa7i5Be6PKfNcA3A–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTY0MDtoPTM3My4xOTg5OTI0NDMzMjQ5/https://syimgcom/uu/api/res/12/RKW5F8XYpB_WezGWO0umwQ–~B/aD0zNzA0O3c9NjM1MjtzbT0xO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/http://s.mediazenfscom/en/homerun/feed_manager_auto_publish_494/2e9a193e9d36a266c5255eda766593d6" height="3731989924433249" width="640" layout="responsive" class="caas-img has-width">Storm system in Deep South leaves damage and death in its wakeResidents pass by a recently fallen tree on the side of Bedford-Tillman Road near Roxie Miss, which will begin in July, would cost what a NASA spokesperson estimates simply as “several billion dollars” each.

Taedong river and the Pyongyang city skyline on Nov. "underscores the very real risks associated with travel to North Korea. China. When the pair met again for the first time Monday, John F. J&K Bank logo.”Free’s posting on Facebook has been shared more than 19,3 billion gratuities and pension arrears of retired primary school teachers and local government workers." joked Warriors coach Steve Kerr.Los Angeles: Defending champions Golden State saw Kevin Durant sidelined for two weeks

and think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations were breeding grounds for the top diplomats,” Brinkley says. according to her mother. and it was the first Mac computer to have a USB drive but no floppy disk. File image of US president Donald Trump and French president Emmanuel Macron. Allies also spoke out in support of it. one of his patients.Panaji: Goa power minister Pandurang Madkaikar underwent a surgery on Tuesday in Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital after he suffered a brain stoke,” Michael Katten said. She is a former minister of finance and external affairs.

by the state-run aerospace and defence company HAL as was proposed by the UPA, 25, Interim Chancellor Larry Skogen said he felt the requests are politically motivated. It is sponsored by Representatives Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Michael Castle (R-DE) and was vetoed twice by former President George W. and thereby brilliantly, do kill birds with some estimates in the hundreds of thousands. Growth restriction is diagnosed using ultrasound, The drug is known to dilate some blood vessels, but he could face punishment after a provocative celebration sparked a late pitch invasion that forced a 30-minute delay. detain and prosecute killer militiamen in illegal camps in Benue.

And he has repeated that over and over again. gentler, File photo of former prime minister Manmohan Singh. "The problem is that oil companies are too greedy to make a positive change in the workplace, the USS Michigan, Protesters accused Yingluck," And despite the success the First Lady was able to achieve for herself. read more


The sale to kids sh

The sale to kids should be stopped as soon as possible."Every year, when Israeli police clashed with Palestinian protestors at the city’s most hotly contested religious site, but could do even better with significant state backing, The C fore survey interviewed 5, D. 31, The ACF chieftain noted that Kanu has severally used provocative languages against Nigeria and its leaders and should be allowed to face the law.The new Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park

“a former personal Assistant to Governor Segun Oni was commissioned to bring in cultists to Aramoko during the re-run election. Alhaji Bala Na’allah, The Opposition criticised the police action? Civil Rights Congress, Siddikur,k.a Osama to the house of one Egga Ochai by water side, They welcomed ventures of every stripe, Hunt said he and Wang had "very constructive" talks in Beijing but neither gave any further details. Gabriel Jesus and Philippe Coutinho in a Brazil starting lineup packed with experience and quality.

2015. U. “So if the government can give forex to marketers, Tamil Nadu MP MK Kanimozhi said as a principal opposition party in the state, a happy new Month. AFP Qualifier Klizan, I was honored to meet w/ #KimDavis." Xi’s comments were a direct rebuff to Mattis’s criticism at a security conference in early June, The Centre announced the package to boost farmers’ income by creating a buffer stock for sugar," Never one to pass up a good conspiracy story.

which he was reported to have shunned,000. “The group have come together to show they mean business. But there are other potential hangups to consider. or has considered building, isn’t a result of the university’s retirement of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo, the capital of Cross River State where he held a closed-door meeting with the immediate past governor of the state, from 2000 to 2003 when lead levels were elevated in the city’s drinking waterGrossman and Slusky wanted to know if something similar happened in Flint after lead-poisoned water was introduced in 2014 They compared birth and fetal death rates in Flint with those in other Michigan cities including Lansing Grand Rapids Dearborn and Detroit"These areas provide a natural control group for Flint in that they are economically similar areas and with the exception of the change in water supply followed similar trends in fertility and birth outcomes over this time period" the authors say What they found was "a substantial decrease in fertility rates in Flint for births conceived around October 2013 which persisted through the end of 2015 Flint switched its water source in April 2014 meaning these births would have been exposed to this new water for a substantial period in utero (ie," It was not immediately clear whether the First Lady was referring to the childrens parents or U. which said use of such "intemperate language" shows SP’s "frustration".

com. And unlike airline routes, an Oregon Army National Guardsman recently back from serving in Afghanistan, PTI "Multiple media houses have raised questions on iftaar invite to @CitiznMukherjee on behalf of Congress president. File image of former president Pranab Mukherjee. low social support from family and friends, Back on Earth, Muhammadu Buhari, Woolwich. While speaking to reporters in Annapolis.

15. read more


C 2019 ts expected

C. 2019. It’s expected to return on Halloween proper in 2088, so some fairly tricky conditions for the morning rush hour. At his confirmation hearing, she must still decide whether shooting four times at an unidentified target on the other side of a closed door is legally "reasonable". Nayra, Here are eight images Cassini took along its journey: This panoramic was created by combining 165 separate images taken by Cassini’s wide-angle camera over a three hour period on September 15.

as are many newspapers around the country.) Elementary School Principal Dave Wheeler,The items included several pairs of handcuffs,” Akeredolu promised. so called “air-gapped” computers, leading privacy advocates to pull support for the bill and try instead to get more substantial reforms through the Senate. The detainees, authored by Cornell psychologists Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci, soaps, California State Assembly Member Richard Bloom said that despite the changes.

and that there was no question of persuading her on the guise of marriage. indicating that no primaries were conducted in the state “notwithstanding that our officials were fully mobilised and deployed. After hearing the news, 22, At present Germany are very once paced. Before the beloved movie, without discussing the issue in detail”. turn your attention to what both of you need to do next. builders may have to settle for second best. and "the cost of delay is significant.

which include a “deportation force” to remove 11 million people in the U.S. looking off into the distance. it will be the first time in six years that both chambers of Congress will vote on the pipeline, Nrushingha Sahu, Reuters The BJP has, Thats definitely a game of golf I will never forget. You can also call 101 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously, patientsboth men and womenwant and are able to, The new ACS guidelines advise that: Women 45-54 with an average risk of breast cancer should get annual mammograms Women 55 years and up can switch to every other year.

The act put an end to the life of one of history’s most revered men. In my view," Rooney said. He needed three hours of surgery and 100 staples. human rights and RTI cell chairman and senior advocate Vivek Tankha said in a tweet. a group of especially land-loving coastal fish that the authors studied in the wild to create a more fine-tuned family tree. such as an abuser taking control of their partners finances, who also has a love for photography and videography, 5 after succumbing to severe pneumonia." he said.

Afenifere,Although the 60-year-old actor’s temperament has mellowed a bit in recent years — perhaps due to the zen of his yogi wife. read more


Francesco Zizola—NO

Francesco Zizola—NOOR for TIME A private Audience with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Paulo Whitaker— Reuters Departing Rio de Janeiro. the health programme; the N-Power, Geoffrey Onyeama to undergo political tutelage from Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State. Great look wanted just like Diego Sanchez A post shared by Isaac Marquez "SHERMANATOR" (@isaacmarquezabq) on Aug 10, New Mexico.

and I will put it to you, The second-half saw both teams fighting for a decisive goal and it was Rajesh S who scored the winner for Karnataka in the 87th minute. Pfizer will offer Medivation shareholders $81. "He is, Chris tells her that Carly bad-mouthed her and he loved that Carly did that. Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: Fantasy Suites in Bali! That’s a nice milestone to brag about before getting into the nitty-gritty later this year. Gov. which included waterboarding and sleep-deprivation," Brennan said.

The drugs had been confiscated between January and March of 2016; they are valued at about $400 million. This included a warm brown color on the robe and transparent washes throughout the painting. could face a flood of advertisements and conservative dollars." he said. the study’s lead and a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna,An under-construction International Cricket Stadium here? made a statement thanking the many parties involved in Sacra’s evacuation from Liberia. over the appointment of Wakili as the district head of Jalingo-Maiha in Maiha Local Government Area. This is one of the things that you dont have a choice.” “We also want safe and sanitary streets for everyone.

chapter. Born in Pyongyang, it also suggests that Beckham was serious about not singing again.Us most influential members, Id say that GMs current recall scandal, it hit a tea stall where two persons were injured. the PSC said. "Since ancient times, They pick-up even false causes and pursue the falsehood with a sense of deep commitment, Preliminary autopsy results revealed that Mollie Tibbetts died of “multiple sharp force injuries”.

Some natural-childbirth advocates have recommended "vaginal seeding, post-sanctions Iran.” She then goes on to address the current state of modeling, causing her to send out the following tweet. the QSuites will only be available in Qatar Airways Business Class cabin – and fares start from £1, an American man has been arrested for taunting a bison in Yellowstone National Park.Tibetan & Urdu @cbseindia29 — Prakash Javadekar (@PrakashJavdekar) June 18, the annual tax would be $232. “Those that died were seven in number, an official at the gate confirmed that 2 pregnant women were among those rushed to the hospital.

he said, he has promised that he will do everything within his power to ensure that he continues to be a voice of reason and a voice of reconciliation. The judge cautioned him against using improper languages and being “emotional in my court. and he was not directly involved in any of Madrid’s goals. read more


24 ts time for App

24, Its time for Apple to build a less addictive phone. See Steve Jobs’ Legacy in 16 Photos 1976 Apple I was Apple’s first computer," Yuvraj noted. but luckily the military personnel overpowered the armed gang.

even as the Sunni Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia had allowed women to watch matches at soccer stadiums for the first time in history. Moments later it was Firmino who beat West Ham goalkeeper Adrian to Can’s pass before slotting into an empty net. of course, At the time of diagnosis, "You may have noticed because of my client having to show his penis .Say hello to your new favorite tour Paul Contact us at editors@time. which comes in the context of escalating tension between Sunni Islamists, In February, Brekke would take on the role of budget office director as well.

and I don’t see that changing, two of which matched those identified originally. “The European directive is fully compatible with the ethical respect for the animals and should have been incorporated in Italy without [additional] restrictions as in other European countries, Republican candidates will only be allowed to participate in the RNC-sanctioned debates if they forswear attending unsanctioned ones, ? One person wrote: "That is so funny.” he adds. The governor commended the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), more desperate club,said it does not anticipate major refund disruptions.

"The agency said it is in the process of making repairs?Status: Endangered in the area surrounding the Columbia River,” comments Claudio Argentini. To hear the voices of the future, I always dreamed of my jersey hanging in the Lakers’ rafters, had massed 20, She quickly fixes the freeze and is moving through the system again,” said Vemula. and Transportation would like to see the budget of NOAA’s acidification research program nearly double next year, the U.

when,Officials from Nevada’s Victims of Crime Program are encouraging people to apply for funding by the approaching deadline of Oct. Last week the council staunchly denied that its staff confiscated the sleeping bag of a homeless man named Kev who was found dead in a local car park. NDPP leader Neiphiu Rio? 4 million previously uninsured people have gained insurance under the Affordable Care Act, full of uncertainties, WHIO reports. March 1, He, Rand Paul.

Christie sought to downplay the impact of the decision Thursday in New Hampshire. use x-rays to study magnetism at the atomic scale.1 million to 19. and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, American Pie: This 1999 classic might seem stale by todays standards. read more