January 16 2002 Rewind In November Arcosanti Inf

first_imgJanuary 16, 2002Rewind In November, Arcosanti Information Services connected the Foundry and Crafts III(the Café, Bakery, Gallery, and housing) to thenetwork and subsequently the T1 line (high speed internet access). Inorder to make the connection a fiber optic line had to be pulled fromthe S.O.D.Unit to CraftsIII. Pictured: A.I.S. Manager Ivan Fritz (holding the pull rope)meets with the crew to map out a plan of action. [Photos and text by:Jennifer Thornton] Before the pull, ScottRiley (in the heat duct tunnel) reiterates instructions to crewmembersdown the line and points out potential hazards. Sixteen people mannedthe eight pull boxes, slowly pulling a rope that snaked the fiber linethrough previously installed conduit. Because fiber optic cable is bothfragile and expensive, it was necessary to pull the entire 1000 feet ofit in one coordinated effort. Pictured: Anthony and Dennis (October Workshop) A small length of cablewas coiled in each pull box so repairs can be made if the line breaksat a later date. The line plugs into a fiber optic switch located in Crafts III. Elifeeds the pull rope to Mac who coils it up for later use.last_img

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