Toy Tuesday The Schwiftiest Rick Morty Toys

first_imgStay on target There’s no denying that Rick & Morty is one of the most popular cult hits of the century, a wildly imaginative and hilariously profane journey through multiple universes powered by alcoholism and family trauma. While we’re going to be waiting until November for the show’s fourth season (which allegedly sees voice acting guest spots from Paul Giamatti, Taika Waititi, Sam Neill and Kathleen Turner!), there’s still plenty of swag for you to keep busy with. We opened a portal to the Plastic Dimension and came back with these 11 schwifty Rick & Morty toys.Replica Portal GunRick’s portal gun is one of the most iconic pieces of tech in the show’s fictional universe, capable of punching holes between different realities to enable inter-dimensional shenanigans. From a user interface perspective, it’s insanely poorly designed – you have to pick your destinations by twisting a dial, which seems like it would take a while in an infinite multiverse – but you can’t deny the effectiveness. This life-size replica from Funko measures eight inches long and just needs portal fluid to actually function, but you might need a little help in getting that stuff.AdChoices广告Get it at AmazonPickle Rick Action FigureRick Sanchez’s titanic intellect can get him out of any jam, even being transformed into a pickle to get out of a family therapy appointment and being washed into the sewers, where he builds himself a cyborg suit out of severed rat limbs. Celebrate the ingenuity of Pickle Rick with this Funko action figure that stands 6 inches tall and comes with a bunch of accessories like a gas mask, shoulder cannon and additional weaponry. No, it doesn’t come with real pickle smell but we’re sure you can work that out for yourself.Get it at AmazonGarage Spaceship Construction KitFor all of Rick’s scientific acumen, his garage workspace is kind of a humble mess. If you want to build your own, now’s your chance with this McFarlane Toys set that contains 294 pieces. Combine them to construct not only Rick’s corner workbench with beakers, note board and equipment but also the duo’s iconic spaceship. Two miniature figures of the leads come with, and they fit comfortably in the vessel. Some buyers gripe that a few parts fit too tightly, but you don’t want to skimp on durability when you’re twisting the space-time continuum beyond repair.Get it at AmazonMr. Meeseeks FigureRick & Morty‘s take on the “genie in the bottle” trope is just as twisted as you would expect. The owner of a Meeseeks Box can press a button to summon one of these gangly blue creatures, who will work to fulfill any request made of them so it can die in peace. You see, mere existence itself is agonizingly painful to a Meeseeks, and their only release in death comes from accomplishing the task they were created for. We can’t promise that this articulated Funko action figure will do the same, but at least it won’t be in screaming agony for every moment of its life.Get it at AmazonPlush SnowballBeing a pet in the Smith household seems like a pretty dangerous gig with Rick around, and Morty’s dog Snowball (alternately known as Snuffles) is a perfect example. When the little white puppy was having some housetraining issues, Rick built him a helmet to increase his doggy intelligence. Naturally, the plan backfired as Snowball’s mental powers lead him to plot a dog uprising and make humanity into the domesticated animals. This soft and cuddly plush captures Morty’s best canine companion before his heel turn and robotic bodysuit construction, and makes dog noises when you squeeze its right paw.Get it at Amazon6 Foot Tall Inflatable Pickle RickThere are still a few weeks left of summer, so if you want to hit the pool you might want to bring a floatie. This absurdly giant Pickle Rick stands over 6 feet tall when fully inflated, which is significantly bigger than any pickle we’ve ever set eyes on. While most of the toys on this list are better suited for careful display in your hermetically sealed toy chamber, we want you to bring this one out into the world and share the gospel of Rick & Morty in a healthier way than screaming for Szechuan sauce at McDonalds. Get some sun, it’ll be good for you.Get it at AmazonTotal Rickall Card GameThe “Total Rickall” episode is one of the series’ high points, an absolutely insane head trip where a parasitic alien species that invades by planting false memories into the brains of their victims hits the Smith household. Rick valiantly tries to keep them safe in his own way by dropping blast doors, but flashbacks encouraged by the newly introduced Mr. Poopybutthole lead to an explosion of bizarre new characters. Relive all of the chaos and terror with this cooperative card game that lets you purge parasites while trying to keep yourself safe.Get it at AmazonRick & Morty Vinyl DioramaThis is a really cool, beautifully sculpted piece that would work on a toy shelf or as a desk decoration, depending on which side of the NEET divide you land on. Created by the vinyl toy masterminds at Kidrobot, it depicts our two leads frantically escaping through a dimensional portal while being menaced by a giant insect. The paint job on this is spectacular and it’s full of wild details that are accurate to the show’s vibe of scientific squalor.Get it at AmazonScary Terry Action FigureAn obvious parody of horror legend Freddy Krueger, Scary Terry has a similar modus operandi of hiding out in people’s dreams and carving them to bits with his razor-festooned gloves. The difference here is that Terry is motivated by a crushing case of low self-esteem, believing that he’ll never be scary enough, at least in part due to the massive ballsack hanging from his chin. In the comics, it’s revealed that his fedora is the source of his supernatural powers, which makes perfect sense. Nice solid vinyl action figure with a reasonable amount of articulation.Get it at AmazonPlush SquanchyRick Sanchez is a man of few friends – not many sentient beings in this or any other universe can keep up with his relentless desire for alcohol and self-destruction. One animal that can, though, is our beloved Squanchy. The catlike creature with a penchant for replacing verbs with “squanch” is a reprobate through and through, but if you still want to give him a cuddle we can hook you up. This plush Squanchy depicts him in his non-mutated berserker form and stands 8 inches high. Yes, he looks pretty disgusting, but that’s just what you get.Get it at AmazonSentient Arm Morty Funko PopMorty Smith’s body is the target of an untold number of scientific traumas courtesy of his grandpa Rick, and it’s amazing that the little guy has clung to sanity as long as he has. One of our favorite transformations came in the “Rickmancing the Stone” episode, where Rick used devious means to transfer the life essence of a revenge-seeking woodcutter into Morty’s left arm. The limb immediately became a swole engine of destruction with a mind of its own, and now you can get a Funko Pop with our young hero looking more than a little concerned about the whole situation.Get it at AmazonMore on Geek.com:The Coolest Car ToysThe Best Animal ToysThe Best ‘Stranger Things’ Toys Toy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ ToysToy Tuesday: The Coolest Car Toys last_img

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