There Could Be A Dragon Ball Super Movie On The Way But

first_img Dragon Ball Super has been an insane change for fans who grew up on Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It’s introduced some pretty shocking new changes and twists from the norm, and we’re all totally here for it. But as far as how long this new series is going to last, or when it might end? That’s all up in the air. Toei Animation has been pretty tight-lipped about how long this golden age of new Dragon Ball entertainment may last.But that’s hardly news for the moment, as the rumor train is pulling into the station with a new development that’s got fans searching all over the internet for any random news or tidbits to think about. There’s a possible teaser out there in the internet world for a new Dragon Ball film, which could very well be happening at this moment. It appears that in Tokyo, certain domain names like dragonball2018, dragonball2019, and dragonball2020 were registered on October 14 this year. The registrar information, as the internet has sussed out like the always-creepy machine it can be, all ends up in Shibuya, which makes sense — but that’s not the most important part.Consider the fact that Toei Animation registered the domains dragonball2013 and dragonball2015 when both Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods were released. Fans were over the moon upon this discovery, and it appears something very similar could be happening in the near future if these domains have been registered by the proper parties.Toe Animation has said nothing on the matter, but it looks like this is just as good of a lead as any when it comes to sussing out how long Dragon Ball Super may be and what kind of feature film there may be in the future. Right now, you might be left with watching the anime series and reading the newly-translated manga. But there’s so much going on in the show the way it is, you’ll have to keep up with all that without worrying about a movie to add on top of all that, too.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Here’s When You Can Finally See Dragon Ball Super: Broly in TheatersOkay, Bulma’s Vacation Digs in Dragon Ball Super: Broly Are Pretty Sweet Stay on targetlast_img

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