Wii U expected to be sold out through March

first_imgIf you are planning on waiting until you can just walk into the store and pick up a Wii U, you’ll probably have to wait at least until March. The console is expected to remain sold out, with customers likely to still be lining up outside the door for new shipments until the spring of 2013.That is the prediction from outspoken gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter. He has a mixed track record about gauging the near future of the industry, but he did correctly predict that the Wii U wouldn’t gain the critical acclaim that Nintendo was hoping for. Instead, the system’s launch was plagued with criticism for the arduous setup process, the need for an immediate firmware update, and the lack of video streaming services.Nevertheless, the Wii U is the first new video game console in six years. Never before in the modern gaming era has there been that kind of gap in between consoles, and as a result the fervor is inevitable.That being said, there is a marked difference in the climate surrounding the Wii U than there was for the Wii, or even the Xbox 360 or PS3. Back then, video game consoles were king. They were the coolest things around. Now, they have to share that attention with iPads and Kindle Fires.In other words, the Wii U is going to do exceptional during the first several months — just because that’s the way this industry works — but its staying power is what’s really in question.via Now Gamerlast_img

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