Wii U Dragon Quest X expected spring 2013

first_imgIn order for any games console to succeed it needs a range of titles that are classed as “system sellers” — those games that people want to play so badly they will purchase a console to get them. Microsoft has Halo, Sony has Gran Turismo and Uncharted, and Nintendo has Mario and Zelda. But there are a whole host of other game series that fall into this category.The Wii U doesn’t have any system sellers at launch, but it does have a few in the pipeline. One of those is Monster Hunter and the other is Dragon Quest, in particular Dragon Quest X. The only problem is, Square Enix hasn’t confirmed when it will see a release.In Japan, Dragon Quest is a huge deal and when it gets released for Wii U it should be accompanied by a massive spike in console sales for Nintendo. And the good news for Nintendo is they probably don’t have to wait that long for DQX. Yuuji Horii, the creator of Dragon Quest, has stated during the Tokyo Game Show that the development team is working towards a Spring 2013 release. Whether they hit it or not is anyone’s guess.An early 2013 launch would certainly help the Wii U in its home territory. The only concern is that DQX isn’t actually a new game as it has already seen a release on the Wii. Will that kill interest in the game? Unlikely, but Square Enix needs to incorporate some sort of transfer system for those gamers playing it on the Wii and wanting to make the switch. As for a release in the West, nothing is confirmed but with a marketing push behind it the game could sell well over here.DQX was released in Japan at the beginning of August and made headlines at the time due to its 70 minute install on the Wii. Hopefully that can be minimized in time for the Wii U launch.via Kotakulast_img

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