Apple to offer 100 iTunes gift card instead of iPod for Back

first_imgStudents and teachers looking to purchase a MacBook during their back-to-school shopping spree are usually rewarded with a little extra incentive from Apple. The company has been offering free or discounted products since about 2006 for students and teachers purchasing a MacBook during the Apple Back to School event. Apple is launching its Back to School promotion today, but rumors are buzzing about what Apple will offer as its promotion, and some MacBook customers may not be happy with this year’s deal.In the past, Apple has offered printers, and iPods. Rumors came up in May that Apple might possibly be offering $200 off of an iPad, or $229 towards the purchase of any iPod. However, Apple’s promotion for this year is rumored to be a $100 iTunes gift card instead of an iPod. Technically you can download $100 worth of music on your new MacBook, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play the music you already have on a shiny new iPod?Many people may be rolling their eyes at Apple for this move–most people would most likely prefer a new iPod over $100 towards the iTunes store. If the promotion was good in the Apple Mac App Store, too, that may be a different case. Students could then put that money towards software they’ll actually need for school, rather than downloading all five seasons of The Wire to watch on their MacBook.via 9to5MacJennifer’s ThoughtsWhen I got a free printer with my MacBook purchase back in 2006 I appreciated it. I definitely made use of it to print my school papers, class notes, and all that other college stuff. In fact, the printer, now five years old, is still working in great condition. The music/apps you buy with that $100 credit will be nice to have, but what’s then chance you’ll be interested in them five years from now? I think Apple should step up its game and offer something that’s actually useful for students.Editor’s Note: Thanks to our readers who pointed out in the comments that the printer promo still exists! Also the $100 is good for the Mac App Store, among other stores. More info here.last_img

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