France Aims to Remain Moroccos Key Partner in All Fields French

Paris –  France aims at maintaining its position as Morocco’s key partner in all fields, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Thursday in Paris.Speaking at a joint press briefing with Head of the Government Abdelilah Benkirane at the end of the 12th French-Moroccan high level meeting, Valls said that the two countries are set to reinforce cooperation notably in the fight against terrorism and radicalisaiton.The French-Moroccan partnership acts as a safeguard to bilateral security of the two countries, he said. The French Prime Minister also pointed to the importance of the meeting as far as it enabled the drawing of a road map concerning a range of priorities for the two countries. In this regard, he stressed the importance of training saying that the agreements signed at the end of the meeting provide for new commitment of the French Development Agency (AfD) concerning funding to projects aiming at enhancing education and vocational training in Morocco.These commitments are also geared towards promoting the teaching of French in Morocco through launching the option of the Moroccan highschool degree in French, he said.The setting up of French educational institutions in Morocco will continue to enable Moroccan and African students to benefit from French know-how, he added.Concerning Africa, the French Prime Minister said that i twas agreed to work together with Morocco in joint projects in the continent. “We would like to encourage new French-Moroccan partnerships in Africa notably in fields relating to food security, economic investments and higher education”.Valls expressed satisfaction regarding French investments in Morocco where 750 French companies have generated 120,000 jobs.He said that Morocco and France are set to harmonise stands ahead of the COP 21 and COP22 negotiations.The 12th French-Moroccan high level meeting opened on Thursday in Paris under the co-chairmanship of Head of the Government Abdelilah Benkirane and Manuel Valls.

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