Newest Humble Bundle threatens franchises indie roots still a good bundle

first_imgThe Humble Bundle brand has not only helped popularize indie PC gaming, but has provided an enticing avenue of charity for gamers, as well as helped to make sure game developers get a noticeable cut of the profit their games generate. At this point, Humble Bundle has been through many iterations, from offering stellar indie PC games, developer and operating system specific bundles, bundles featuring soundtracks, and even bundles featuring ebooks. The newest bundle, the Humble THQ Bundle, drops its indie status, and is causing a bit of an uproar from longstanding fans of the bundle’s humble indie roots.Currently, there’s no word on why Humble Bundle decided to dispense with its indie roots, and this could damage the goodwill the Humble brand has built up over the past couple of years. However, a quick glance at the pack’s sale rate on the Humble Bundle page shows that, actually, maybe no one really cares about compromised ideals when decent games can be had for one dollar.That said, the bundle is actually pretty decent. It features seven THQ titles, notably Darksiders and Saints Row: The Third, and like all previous Humble Bundles before it, can be had for the low price of (almost) whatever you want. Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033, and Company of Heroes and its two expansions round out the pack. If you’d like your bundle to include Saints Row: The Third, simply pay whatever you want above the current average price of the bundle, and you’ll be causing trouble in Steelport in no time. The THQ bundle also comes with five of the included games’ soundtracks, so if you’re feeling a bit recursive, you can listen to a game’s OST in the background while you play the game.Unfortunately for those of us who are now spoiled by Humble Bundle games generally appearing on other operating systems, this THQ bundle only features games for Windows on Steam, rather than being multiplatform like past indie bundles. They’ve also technically moved away from the usual DRM-free scheme, as they can only be obtained on Windows through Steam. So, two of the three strongest aspects of the bundles — multiplatform and DRM-free games — have been compromised for this THQ pack.It’s unclear if this single non-indie, not-exactly-humble bundle will damage the company’s reputation. Selling a pack of decent games for as low as a buck, though, probably won’t cause too much opposition.last_img read more