More homes being invaded with documents issued by Co-op

first_imgEnmore North Co-op feudSome 20 homes in the community of Enmore North on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) are on the verge of being taken away with the continued issuance of documents by the secretary of the North Haslington Cooperative Society. These lands were already occupied by persons who have been living there for more than 30 years in some cases.The issue is now at its peak, with many affected persons contemplating their next move, as the fear of losing their lands deepens. Many are also unaware of what their next decisions should be as they’ve done everything within their control.Guyana Times was informed by Marcia Gordon that the Secretary of the North Haslington Cooperative Society, Mary Luke, was prohibited from distributing such documents since 2013. However, these actions have continued and the current problems stem from this.“Right now, we have about 20 lands that having the same issue. What we understand is that the co-op secretary wasn’t banned by the Georgetown co-op from giving out any transport but she still giving transport for other people land,” said Gordon.One of the persons affected in the past is Nadia Rambarran, told this publication that public awareness of the situation is her last resort, since several other efforts have gone in vain.“I go all over trying to get help and it’s the same thing we ending back to. When we go to the co-op, they say that the land is not transported land, its back lease. They had stop Mary Luke from giving out transport to other people land and causing all the stress cause she giving people the authority to take over we land,” Rambarran explained.Meanwhile, Champawattie Samuel, who had a similar problem claimed that the persons who were issued transport for her Lot 158 Enmore North property have commenced preparations to construct a house on her land. She fears that if the structure is completed, she will have to surrender the land. The Police had to be involved on numerous occasions to resolve some of the complications with residents and their land.“We had a meeting and when I show Mary Luke the paper that she give me for $35,000, she grab it way. I had to go back to the station so that she could give me back my paper but she was saying that somebody get transport for me land. So after that, we couldn’t get access to the land. Now we see like a day after, somebody start to dig the foundation on the land. Then they come to my house asking if I can get my material out of the land. I didn’t,” Samuel related.She further relayed what happened afterwards, noting, “When I go to the Police, the officer says I should take pictures of what they doing every day. If they continue to build on the land and I just take pictures, what can I do? We going everywhere and doing everything and there is no solution out there. No help.”A few weeks ago, Rambarran’s house was invaded by some unknown persons with transport documents in their possession for the land which she has owned for years. Her belonging was tossed out of the house and left in the rain.With other persons being faced with the same dilemma, an intervention was sought by seeking assistance from former Attorney General Anil Nandlall who stated that it was unlawful for such actions to be taken by the Co-op Society.Ranks of the Cove and John Police Station were also advised to take immediate actions so as to ensure that Rambarran and her family could returned to their home. It was also promised that he would represent the residents in the High Court if the matter isn’t resolved.last_img read more