DRILLING REPORT: April 25 through May 1

first_img By Digital AIM Web Support – February 24, 2021 Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook Facebook TAGS  Local News Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for April 25 through May 1 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold. WhatsApp Anadarko E&P Onshore, LLC, Aspen 55-1-30 Unit, Loving, new drill. Apache Corporation, Iroquois State Unit, Reeves, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 A, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 B, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 C, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 D, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 E, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 F, Midland, new drill; Parks-Coyote 1506 G, Midland, new drill. BHP Billiton Petroleum (TxLa Op.) Co., Austin Cox 57-T1-42×43, Reeves, new drill. Blackbeard Operating, LLC, Captain Stegermain, Winkler, new drill; Dinghy, Winkler, new drill. Bold Operating, LLC, Char 46-9 A, Reagan, new drill; Char 46-9 B, Reagan, new drill. Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co.-Midland, Waddell, W.N., Crane, recompletion. Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Moran A1, Ward, new drill (2). Carrizo (Permian), LLC, Christian 1413 (alloc. A), Reeves, new drill; Christian 2 (alloc. C), Reeves, new drill; Sansom 3875 (alloc. C), Reeves, new drill; Dorothy-Sansom 3875 (alloc. A), Reeves, new drill; State CVX A1314 Unit, Reeves, new drill. Chevron U.S.A., Inc., Taylor Ranch State Unit, Culberson, new drill (4). Cimarex Energy Co., Foolish Pleasure 6 Fee Unit C, Culberson, new drill; Donerail 8 Fee Unit, Culberson, new drill. COG Operating, LLC, Spanish Trail, Midland, new drill (2); Carla West C, Upton, new drill; Timmerman J6, Midland, new drill; Timmerman J9, Midland, new drill; Timmerman J11, Midland, new drill. CrownQuest Operating, LLC, Toe Nail G, Martin, new drill; Chili 101, Midland, new drill; Tiger 1, Midland, new drill (2). Diamondback E&P, LLC, Neal Lethco 16-15 D, Pecos, new drill; Neal Lethco 17-18 D, Pecos, new drill; ST-ST RR P, Midland, new drill; Dunigan State Unit E 53-6-17, Reeves, new drill. Elevation Resources, LLC, UL G 1-33 Unit, Andrews, new drill. Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc., DFK 319II, Martin, new drill (3); DFK 319JJ, Martin, new drill (2); DFK 319K, Martin, new drill; RiverRun North 16C, Howard, new drill; RiverRun North 16D, Howard, new drill. Endeavor Energy Resources, LP, Pier 21-24 C, Martin, new drill (2); Pier 21-24 D, Martin, new drill (2). EOG Resources, Inc., McGregor D 5 Unit, Loving, new drill; Yellow Rose B Unit, Loving, new drill (2); State Cortez Unit, Reeves, new drill. Felix Energy Holdings II, LLC, Mosquito 1108-74 W, Winkler, new drill; UL FourMile 2140-17, Ward, new drill. Foreland Operating, LLC, Munson C, Irion, new drill. Gary Permian, LLC, Imogene, Pecos, new drill. Golden Oil and Ranch, LLC, Poehls, Runnels, new drill; Hannah, Runnels, new drill; Ashley Unit, Runnels, new drill. Goodnight Midstream Permian, LLC, Koehn SWD, Ward, recompletion. Hadaway Consult and Engineer, LLC, Old Switcheroo 418, Yoakum, new drill (2).Hannathon Petroleum, LLC, Morgan-Chevron 46-39 A Unit, Howard, new drill. Henry Resources, LLC, John J Bush 218-219 Unit A, Reeves, new drill. Jagged Peak Energy, LLC, State Big Tex South 7673-8, Pecos, new drill. Kinder Morgan Production Co., LLC, Yates Field Unit, Pecos, recompletion. Lario Oil & Gas Company, Mott 4, Martin, new drill; Slaughter-Trice, Martin, field transfer (2); Caffey, Martin, recompletion; Arnold 2, Martin, new drill (2). Mammoth Exploration, LLC, Wight, Mrs. L.E. 4, Ector, recompletion. MDC Texas Operator, LLC, Just Call Me Ken 8-82 Unit, Reeves, new drill (2); Seattle Slew 17, Reeves, new drill; Russells Reserve 8-82 Unit, Reeves, new drill. Noble Energy, Inc, Luke Short 38-37 Unit A, Reeves, new drill. Oasis Petroleum Permian, LLC, UL Pahaska 21-15, Winkler, new drill. Occidental Permian, Ltd., Central Robertson Clearfork Unit, Gaines, new drill; Ratliff & Bedford, Andrews, new drill (4). Oolite Energy Corp., Kennedy State, Pecos, reenter. Owl Exploration, LLC-Service Operating, Robb Ranch 13, Howard, new drill. Oxy USA, Inc., Seminole San Andres Unit, Gaines, recompletion (2). Oxy USA WTP, LP, Sparks, T.E., Gaines, recompletion. Park Hill Disposal, LLC, TPLT 23 SWD, Glasscock, new drill. Parsley Energy Operations, LLC, Calverley 25A, Glasscock, field transfer. Petroplex SWD System, LLC, South Stanton SWD, Martin, new drill. Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., University 3-15, Upton, new drill (3); XBC-Caroline 3K, Upton, new drill; XBC-Caroline 3L, Upton, new drill; XBC-Caroline 3M, Upton, new drill; Woodfin-Dollie W16C, Upton, new drill; Frank-Morgan E27A, Upton, new drill; Frank-Morgan E27B, Upton, new drill; Frank-Morgan W27A, Upton, new drill; Frank-Morgan W27B, Upton, new drill; North Brook NE45S, Upton, new drill; North Brook NE45T, Upton, new drill; North Brook NE45U, Upton, new drill. Point Energy Partners Petro, LLC, Jim Ed, Ward, new drill (2).Primexx Operating Corporation, Kesey Unit 10-7E, Reeves, new drill. QEP Energy Company, Flo E, Martin, new drill (2); Mabee, Guy B, Martin, recompletion; Woodward C, Martin, new drill. Ring Energy, Inc., University Block 14 Cons, Andrews, new drill (5); Bucky 711 A, Yoakum, new drill; Matador 646 B, Yoakum, new drill. Rosehill Operating Company, LLC, Z&T 32, Loving, new drill (3). Sabinal Energy Operating, LLC, Mallet Land & Cattle Co., Terry, recompletion. Sable Permian Resources, LLC, Mayer, Irion, new drill (2); Mayer-215 (alloc. 06), Irion, new drill. SM Energy Company, Dusty, Howard, new drill; Michael Scott D, Howard, new drill. Solaris Water Midstream, LLC, Goose SWD, Loving, new drill. Stanolind Production, LLC, Curry 17, Glasscock, recompletion. Sundown Energy, LP, Hutchings Stock Association, Ward, new drill. Surge Operating, LLC, Higginbotham Unit C 30-18, Borden, new drill (2); Old Tom Unit A 21-28, Howard, new drill. Tall City Operations III, LLC, Tasha 17-20A, Reeves, new drill. WPX Energy Permian, LLC, North Rudd Draw 22, Loving, new drill; University 32, Winkler, new drill; University 40, Winkler, new drill; University 41, Winkler, new drill; Lindsay 10-3I, Loving, new drill; CBR 10 Pilot, Loving, new drill. XTO Energy, Inc., St. Lucia 76-28 Mon, Loving, new drill; Aegis 1918-13, Upton, new drill. Zarvona Energy, LLC, University 1-30, Andrews, new drill. RAILROAD COMMISSION Previous articleCar_show_051719_06.jpgNext article052219_OPDSocialHost.jpg Digital AIM Web Support DRILLING REPORT: April 25 through May 1 Pinterest Twitter Twitterlast_img read more