Wii U Miiverse comments may take up to 30 minutes to go

first_imgAfter watching the Nintendo press conference at E3 earlier this week, it was clear Nintendo is focusing on supporting an online community of players for the Wii U. In fact, it wants players to help each other out and intends to place comments directly in games, be them multiplayer or single player experiences.The question such widespread communication inevitably brings up is, how do you filter that content for inappropriate words and game spoilers? Nintendo has responded by saying all comments posted on Miiverse will be subject to not one, but three layers of security in order to keep Miiverse clean and spoiler-free.The first two layers are common methods of weeding out inappropriate content. The first layer is a word filter that will look for specific “naughty” words and deletes them. The second layer is a gamer’s ability to flag a comment as inappropriate, at which point it won’t be visible until someone at Nintendo decides if it really is inappropriate or not.The third layer is where a potential community-breaking problem exists, though. Nintendo intends to moderate all content going up on Miiverse by employing a small army of people to read everything before it goes live. Although this will definitely keep Miiverse child-friendly, it means there will be a delay between posting and your comments becoming visible.How long will the delay be? According to Satoru Iwata, anything up to 30 minutes is acceptable as far as Nintendo is concerned. But if you’re a gamer stuck at a certain point in a game, you want instant feedback, not a long wait before your “help me!” comment goes live.In reality the delay may be no more than a minute or two, but for very popular games during a launch window you can imagine moderators are going to struggle to keep up. Hopefully in those situations Nintendo just relaxes the rules and falls back on layers one and two for filtering.What remains unclear is how extensive this monitoring is. For example, if you are just having a chat with people flagged as friends or family, will a moderator be involved? I hope not, as that will kill real-time chats and possibly also raises a few privacy concerns for Nintendo to deal with.Read more at Los Angeles Times, via Kotakulast_img read more