‘Green’ Halloween

first_imgBy Aaron LancasterUniversity of GeorgiaThinking “green” on the orange-and-black holiday isn’t always ourfirst notion. But Halloween doesn’t have to be a parade ofplastic decorations headed for crowded landfills. It can remindus of easy ways we can reduce waste year-round.Community costumes. Rather thanbuy a costume your child (or you)will wear once and throw away, make one out of clothes youalready have. Thrift stores and yard sales often have low-costclothing and items suitable for costumes, too. And after theholiday, donate usable clothes and accessories to day carecenters, schools or community theaters.Bag it. Decorate paper grocerysacks with nontoxic paint tocreate your own trick-or-treat bags. Or use canvas bags,pillowcases or reusable buckets to collect goodies year afteryear.Bio decor. Nature intended forapples to be eaten. But you cantransform any you didn’t eat into spooky shrunken heads for yourholiday decor. All you need are some apples, whole cloves, a fewgrains of rice, a cup of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of salt.Peel the apples, and coat them with the lemon juice and salt toprevent them from browning. Then carefully carve a face into thefruit with a peeler or knife. Insert cloves into the carved eyesocket to make beady eyes. Rice creates the teeth.Put the apples somewhere dry and warm for one to two weeks, andwatch them shrink and distort. If time is short, put them in anoven at a very low temperature.Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate. ReuseHalloween decorations from yearto year. Properly storing decorations not only reduces waste andsaves money, but also preserves the personal value steeped inthese items.Keep it simple. Choose Halloweentreats that use the least amountof packaging or useable items like pencils, pens, small toys orcoins.Teach your children well. Candywrappers often litterneighborhoods after Halloween. Litter is ugly. It’s costly toclean up, too, and could cause ecologically important creaturesto die needlessly after mistakenly eating plastic and other trash.Enjoy the season. Walk, ride abike or use public transportationto Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. If you have to drive,carpool to help reduce traffic and air pollution.Eco-Lanterns. Use rechargeablebatteries to power flashlights,lanterns and decorations to reduce the amount of harmfulmaterials you throw away. They will save money in the long run.Even better are hand-crank and magnetic flashlights, which don’tneed batteries at all. You can order them from catalogs.Discarded batteries produce most of the heavy metals found inhousehold trash. Lead, arsenic, zinc, cadmium, copper and mercurycan be harmful to humans and wildlife.Great Pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds fromjack-o’-lanterns create a tastysnack for two- and four-legged critters alike. Carefully washpumpkin seeds to remove the clinging, fibrous pumpkin tissue. Setthem outside in a sunny place to feed wildlife.For humans, dry pumpkin seed treats in the sun, a dehydrator (1to 2 hours at 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit) or an oven (on “warm”for 3 to 4 hours). Stir them often to avoid scorching them.Once the seeds are dry, toss them with oil, salt and otherseasonings. Roast them in a preheated oven at 250 degrees for 10to 15 minutes.Hollowed-out pumpkins filled with ears of Indian corn, seeds,apple cores and skins and cleaned pumpkin seeds make a festivefeast for wildlife.After Halloween. Recycle pumpkins,shrunken apple heads, strawused for scarecrows, hay bales and any other organic material incompost piles.Compost improves the texture and quality of poor soils whilereducing waste. Backyard bins are much more efficient thanbagging leaves for collection.Contact your county Extension Service to learn more aboutcomposting. Or check the on-line publication at www.ces.uga.edu/pubcd/c816-w.html.(Aaron Lancaster is a Bibb County Extension agent with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.)last_img read more


Sunny Days

first_img“The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun! Just thinkin’ about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, ’til there’s none! When I’m stuck a day that’s gray and lonely. I just stick out my chin and grin and say, Oh! The sun’ll come out tomorrow. So ya gotta hang on til tomorrow come what may. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! You’re always a day away!” (“Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie”) It is a drab and dreary Monday morning. I hope the sun comes out today.Philadelphia is the land of cream cheese and the ultimate “cheesesteaks.” I say the word “steaks” sort of tongue-in-cheekish because every steak joint in Philly will swear on their grandmothers’ tombstone that they are the best. See in Philly even when they are not the best they will swear by all that is Holy that they are. So when they finally achieve excellence in anything they will crow, crow and crow until their vocal chords explode.They have a reason to brag about their baseball team. They do not only have young guns, they have a few young cannons. The Phillies don’t have many weaknesses. They are ba….d boys on offense, defense, special teams, oops, wrong sport.The Phillies do not have to worry about hearing the skeletons of the decisions of past general managers rattling in their closet. Their management team has been on a two decade construction campaign in regards to their franchise.Meanwhile, Dave Littlefield, the past Pittsburgh Pirates general manager from their sister city from the west, literally ended up being viewed as the real Santa Claus in July.Back in Aug. of 2006 in article titled: “Admiral of the Fleet,” I sat down with Kevin McClatchy the ex-bmoc, (big man on campus) for the Pirates prior to his relinquishing the point man role for the Bucs.When I pressed him about the reign and future of then GM/VP “Dave the Terrible” who lasted until Sept. 2007, McClatchy had this to say: “The bottom line is winning and we haven’t done that yet so there is a lot of pressure. There’s a lot of pressure on me. There’s a lot of pressure on Dave. We need to have a stronger second half. I’ve been very clear this year. The first half was unacceptable. We lost 25 one run games, that means you’re in a lot of games but the truth is you still lost the games.We can’t be content with one run losses or that’s where we will continue to be. We made some trades and moved some folks out of here. You have to perform. We all understand the pressure is on us but that’s the nature of this business.”This is 2012, four years eight months since the tenure of Littlefield and the Pirates are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to rebuilding from their lowest minor league affiliate to the boys who daily patrol the “diamond” over at PNC Park.There must be pressure and lots of it placed upon the shoulders of the Pirates GM Neil Huntingdon as well as the Buc’s skipper Clint Hurdle in regards to the Pirates righting the ship and winning now!The season, reason and rhyme for excuses, woulda, shoulda, coulda is long past. Almost as if it were appearing on cue, the sun has come up and is blazing across the horizon. You can bet your bottom dollar that through all of the misery and pain of losing the sun will one day again shine brightly on the Pittsburgh Pirates.Just remember this; the same Steelers that we expect to annually win or contend for an NFL championship is the same team we expected to lose almost every game just 45 years ago. No one expected the sun to even rise, forget about shining on a hapless directionless franchise that seemed bent on inventing new ways to lose on a game by game basis but ya know what the same team that the world laughed at; the world now laughs with as the men of steel daily put a fresh coat of polish on six NFL Championship trophies.The day is coming. I have been accused of being, rabid, crazed and delusional in regards to my annual so-called rose colored predictions regarding the soon to be successful Pittsburgh Pirates. When I was in my early twenties I attended a church service featuring a prominent “prophet” and faith healer. After the service concluded, my father who was a devout Christian and a man of God for his entire life asked me a question. “Peanut, what did you think of the service?” I replied that “I thought it was great but one thing puzzled me. The “prophet” promised every sick person there that they were healed. How could he promise that? I asked.” Dad said, “If he bats one percent everyone wins.” That leads me to say; Pittsburgh has heard all of the lofty promises before but if the Pirates top .500 or get a wild card playoff slot in 2012 we all win.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741.)last_img read more


Add Color to your Landscape at The Plant Place

first_imgFacebook10Tweet0Pin1 Submitted by The Plant Place NurseryNow is the time to add color to your landscape.  Here are some of the lovely things we recommend at The Plant Place Nursery.  All of these plants are currently available at the nursery retail lot on 3333 South Bay Rd. NE Olympia, WA 98506.  Open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am-5:30 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.We also carry bare root fruit trees: apple, pear, and cherry.Plants pictured include Japanese Maple, Daphne, Lonicera, Barberry, Katsura Pieris, Heuchera, Ceanothus, Rhododendrons, Wallflower, Euphorbia, Salvia, Grasses, Viburnum, Lithodora, Lilac, Mexican Orange, Vine Maple, Vaccinium, Creeping Phlox, Ash Leaf Spirea, Euonymus, Dappled Willow, Hosta, Heather, Brunnera, Hellebore, Oxalis, Columbine, and Pulmonarialast_img read more


Read which IPL team just donated Rs.10 crore towards the Covid-19 fight!

first_imgImage Courtesy: Getty/IPLAdvertisement rk93NBA Finals | Brooklyn VsztxzWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E5goychv( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) b3adWould you ever consider trying this?😱j0pqCan your students do this? 🌚716Roller skating! Powered by Firework Even though world sports has taken a huge blow due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, which has effectively caused the cancellation and postponement of many tournaments, leagues and fixtures all over the globe, many sportspersons, athletes and clubs have done their part in donating funds towards the battle against the virus outbreak. In India, the Indian Premier League franchise SunRisers Hyderabad has decided to pledge Rs. 10 Crores in the fight against the pandemic, which has put the whole country under lock down.Advertisement Image Courtesy: Getty/IPLThe official confirmation of the big news came from the club’s Twitter handle yesterday, where it was announced that Sun TV Group, the franchise owners have gone ahead to aid Rs. 10 Crore towards several relief funds in the country.“Sun TV Group (SunRisers Hyderabad) is donating Rs.10 Crores towards Corona Covid-19 relief measures. #COVID19 #CoronaUpdate” the tweet read.Advertisement The post has 9.9k likes and 1.3k retweets, as fans gathered in the comments to thank the franchise for their initiative.The club captain David Warner showed his appreciation towards the noble gesture, as he retweeted soon after: “How good is this well done Sun TV Group @SunRisers”Founded in 2012, SRH is owned by Kalanithi Maran, founder of the Sun Group. They were formed after the previous Hyderabad based IPL franchise Deccan Chargers were defunct, and lifted the trophy in the 2016 season.Previously, fellow IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab made their donations towards the PM CARES fund, however the amount was undisclosed.Kolkata Knight Riders also teamed up with Meer Foundation to contribute to the fund and also decided to donate protective equipment to the healthcare workers in West Bengal.IPL 2020, the thirteenth edition of the cash rich league, was previously  scheduled to start on 29th March. After Prime Minister Nadrendra Modi announced a 21-day lock down on 24th March, the tournament was shifted be kicked off on 15th April.However, PM has recently hinted at a further extension of the lock down, which might see this year’s IPL season pushed back further.There has been 6,412 confirmed Coronavirus cases in India, and the death roll has risen to 199.Also read-Kapil Dev just shot down Shoaib Akhtar’s idea of an Indo-Pak cricket series. Here’s why!Aussie Captain reveals the real reason why his team ‘sucked up to Virat Kohli’: It’s not about the IPL! Advertisementlast_img read more


$10,000 Robin Hood Fund Grant Helps Thrift Store Rebuild

first_imgLONG BRANCH – Nearly three months after Super Storm Sandy devastated the Family & Children’s Service (FCS) Thrift Boutique is set to reopen Tuesday, Feb. 19, to the public.The Oct. 29 storm forced the store to close its doors and caused a significant revenue loss for the century-old nonprofit.The agency plans a special ticketed preview event from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15, to give supporters a first look at the new store. The store has been completely restored and refurbished thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Robin Hood Relief Fund, raised during the 12.12.12 concert at Madison Square Garden, and help from dozens of area organizations and businesses.“Family & Children’s Service’s mission is to serve people at vulnerable times in their lives through education, intervention, care and counseling,” said Debbie O’ Donoghue, chair of the FCS Board of Directors. “When Sandy destroyed our thrift store, we experienced first hand what it is to be vulnerable, to need others to come to your aid. We are tremendously grateful for the support given by our friends and neighbors throughout the Jersey Shore community. Their compassion and concern, along with their valuable gifts of time, money and resources made it possible for us to reopen and reestablish this vital community service.”The FCS Thrift Boutique, located at 307 Branchport Ave., had more than 4 feet of floodwaters entered the store, destroying the interior and wiping out the entire donated inventory.The grant money is being used to purchase much-needed building supplies and essential equipment lost during the storm, including a new safe, cash register, telephone and mannequins.In addition to the Robin Hood grant, the boutique received contributions from the clothing retailer The Talbots, Inc®, which donated thousands of dollars in fixtures and shelving, and Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork, Inc., which supplied free paint, lumber and painting supplies.O’Donoghue said FCS is also grateful to members of the Ranney School Parents Association who, along with a group of Ranney students known as The Rockin Angels, conducted a schoolwide clothing drive to replenish the store’s inventory.“Since the store remained closed throughout the repairs, it was difficult for us to accept and store donations at our office,” O’Donoghue said. “The Ranney School’s clothing drive ensures a wide selection of merchandise will be available to our customers once we reopen, the proceeds of which will help fund our dozen programs and services.”Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 19, the FCS Thrift Boutique will begin accepting donations during normal business hours: noon to 5 p.m. Mondays; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays; and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.FCS Thrift Boutique supporters who wish to purchase a $20 ticket to the Feb. 15 preview event are asked to RSVP to Manager of Volunteer Services Samantha White at 721-222-9111 or at [email protected] fcsmonmouth.org. Tickets also may be purchased at FCS’s offices at 191 Bath Ave. or at the FCS Thrift Boutique the afternoon of the event. The FCS Thrift Boutique is also actively seeking volunteers.For updates about the FCS Thrift Boutique, visit the agency’s website at www.fcs monmouth.org or follow the store’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thethriftboutique.last_img read more


Rossland/Trail blasts Midget Reps 7-3 to grab playoff opener

first_imgKyle Shannon, with a pair, Craig Martin and Jeff Conway staked the Home of Champions squad to the early lead and the visitors never looked back.Derek Steep and Martin with a pair, to compete his hat-trick, also scored for Roslsand/Trail.John Katountas of Nelson, Tyler Chernenkoff of Castlegar and Nick Maida of Nelson replied for the home side. Coleton Dawson of Nelson had two assists while Katountas finished with two points.”Rossland/Trail has been playing in the Okanagan league for the entire season against Tier II competition while we’ve been playing mostly Tier III competition,” said a Castlegar/Nelson team spokes person. “So they’re a very good team.”Garrett Steeds of Castlegar was in goal for Castlegar/Nelson while Eric Bullanoff picked up the win in goal for Rossland/Trail.Game two of the series goes Thursday in at 4:30 p.m. in the Cominco [email protected] By The Nelson Daily SportsThe Castlegar/Nelson Midget Reps took it on the chin Wednesday during the opening game of the West Kootenay Minor Hockey League playoff contest.Rossland/Trail scored four first period goals en route to a 7-3 victory in game one of the first-team-to-four point series.The series winner advances to the B.C. Hockey Tier II Midget Rep championship tournament next month in Salmon Arm.last_img read more


FX Garneau knocks Wayling, Heat off medal podium

first_imgBy The Nelson Daily SportsBeing the top seed or early favourite guarantees nothing in sport.Mount Sentinel grad Kendra Wayling and her UBC Okanagan Heat teammates found out the hard way as the B.C. Champs finished out of the medals at the Canadian College Athletic Association Women’s Volleyball Championships in the G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre of the UNB Saint John Campus.The Heat, ranked first in the eight-team tournament after winning the B.C. College Athletic Association title earlier this season, fell 3-1 to FX Garneau Élans of Quebec City in the bronze medal game Saturday to place fourth at the eight-team college women’s championships.The Élans won the best-of-five match 25-21, 25-18, 19-25, 25-22.Mount Royal Cougars of Calgary won the gold medal by narrowly defeating Vancouver Island Mariners of Nanaimo 3-2.The Mariners gained some revenge against the Heat Friday, knocking UBC Okanagan off 3-2 to in semi final play. Vancouver Island won the final game 15-11.The loss dropped UBC Okanagan into the consolation side of the tournament. The Heat defeated Toronto’s Humber College 3-0 to advance into the bronze medal game.The 2011 CCAA Women’s Championship concludes the first season in Kelowna for the 21-year-old from Castlegar.Wayling came to the Central Okanagan University after taking a season away from school to rehab an injury knee suffered playing in Idaho for Coeur d’ Alene College.During the Grade 12 campaign, the 5’9” middle player led the Cats not only to the B.C. High School A Girl’s Volleyball title, but also the B.C. High School A Girl’s Basketball crown.Wayling won the two high school titles with sister Katie who attends Palm Beach State College, located 60 miles north of Miami in Lake Worth, [email protected]last_img read more