Lessons of the Week! Kristin Chenoweth, Daphne Rubin-Vega & More

first_img Kristin Chenoweth Star Files View Commentscenter_img Happy Friday/All Hallows Eve Eve/Wicked-versary! It’s been a particularly spooky seven days on the Great White Way, and we’re wrapping it up with an appropriately spooky Lessons of the Week! From a Broadway legend’s house of horrors to not one, but two human-dog hybrids, check it out…if you dare.Kristin Chenoweth Is Her Own ZooFirst, she played a singing poison dart frog named Gabi. Then came Vanessa Gekko the gecko (and talent agent). Now, the pocket diva is lending her voice to a dog. The Tony winner will play Fifi, Snoopy’s love interest, in the upcoming Peanuts film. Is there anything the Mistress of All Evil can’t do? Hey Cheno, we hear there’s a Cats revival coming up. And your pal Marlee Matlin also wants in.Benanti Is the New Mistress of All EvilSpeaking of Mistresses of All Evil, it looks like Laura Benanti is embracing the darkness later this season on Supergirl. In addition to playing Alura Zor-El (Supergirl’s mother), the Tony winner is also taking on (SPOILER!) the role of her evil twin sister. Does this mean a return of the side-eye on primetime TV?!Annaleigh Has Non-Human DreamsChenoweth’s not the only one to embrace her inner canine. Annaleigh Ashford is man’s new best friend in Sylvia, and at the play’s opening night party, she told us, “I always hoped I would play a non-human…and my dream came true!” All of Ashford’s previous performances have been borderline otherworldly, but they’ve all been humans. However, if you told us Essie was actually an alien, we’d believe it.Don’t Enter Sheldon Harnick’s BasementWho’s got three Tonys, two shows on Broadway this season and a basement full of Broadway stars? It’s Sheldon Harnick! OK, we’re pretty sure he was joking about the last one, but he did say when you find a performer who understands your work, “you want to adopt them, make them yours and lock them up in a room.” Looks like someone’s gotten into the Halloween spirit. Look out, Danny!Mara Davi Does Not Have the HerpMara Davi has had an illustrious career, from her current gig tapping up a storm in Dames at Sea to not being sorry on Smash to knocking out cold sores in Abreva commercials. The Broadway baby assured viewers that she does not actually have “the Herp,” and that TV spot has been a saving grace during periods of unemployment. But if you did have herpes, no judgment. Ship happens.Lydia Wilson’s a PinheadWhen she’s not delivering fierce monologues, flashing a familiar sapphire and aggressively leaning on desks in King Charles III, Lydia Wilson can be seeing surfing Pinterest. The Broadway newcomer revealed she’s obsessed with the site because it’s essentially “shopping for free.” Hey, Lydia: if you want to pin some Broadway marquees or, I don’t know, your Fresh Face portrait, we’ve got you covered.There Are Too Many Schuyler SistersLet’s see if we can keep track. Angelica (werk, werk), Eliza and Peggy…and Beyoncé…and Oprah. While we’re at it, add Brian d’Arcy James, Jonathan Groff and Andrew Rannells. The three kings put our lip-syncing skills to shame at a recent #Ham4Ham show as they flawlessly performed their own interpretation of a certain Hamilton tune. Is there anyone out there who isn’t an honorary Schuyler sister?!Jonathan Larson Still Keeps Daphne WarmDaphne Rubin-Vega is serving up some questionable eats as a Sweeney Todd-esque subway tunnel denizen in Empanada Loca. Dolores new character written just for her, but her costume comes from a crucial moment in Rubin-Vega’s past. She’s sporting the Mimi boots from Rent once again, and the hoodie belonged to Jonathan Larson. It’s a way for her to relive her “Lassie” moment. Just watch the video.Miriam Shor Has a Cheesy PastBefore she was serving statement jewelry realness on Younger and in real life, she was serving Chicago deep dish. At the Dames at Sea opening night, the stage and screen vet shared that her “fresh off the bus” first job wasn’t very glamorous. Instead of tapping her way to stardom or whatever, she worked as a waitress at Pizzeria Uno. Hey, a job’s a job, and those golden donuts don’t buy themselves.No One Mourns the Wicked, BruhNo performance of Wicked henceforth will be complete without a pre-show tailgate, complete with Idina Frisbees and Stephen Schwartz kegs. Thank Billy Eichner and Jason Sudeikis, who bro’d out over the musical outside the Gershwin Theatre. Check that Shiz out! Stand there with the Wizard, bruh! Feel things you’ve never felt, bruh! Let’s grab a slice of ‘za with Miriam Shor, bruh!last_img read more