The views of the Elite Clubs continued

first_imgSlingerz FC“WE are not against any expansion of the League, but the way it was done is our concern. The methodology in this case is of serious concern and shows total disregards for rules governing the sport and once we allow this type of attitude to dictate the sport,we will have to live with the wrong being right thereafter, so we will stand up for what is correct.“The present situation has had a serious effect on the club economically,since we have been training since last month and travelling to play practice games with the hope that the League will resume.”“Every training session has a cost attached and we cannot be spending money daily and there is no sign as to when we will have a start. This is a tremendous setback for the club in terms of competitive preparation for the CFU club Championship.”“It is also obvious that this stand- off will leave the sport with a void and the fans no doubt will lose interest which consequently will be a high cost to rebuild the trust of the fraternity and the stakeholders. It is a sad day for the sport due to dictatorship which has been rejected”.Georgetown Football Club“We were written to by the Federation with proposals for a number of widespread changes, not just the inclusion of two teams, and this was two weeks before the start of the League, before any consultation.It is important that anyone making statements be reminded that it is much more than the expansion of the League.We are not against any expansion but the manner in which it is being imposed after we agreed on an initial 2-year period void of Promotion, Relegation or addition. Our Club has been feeling it financially since we have brought in a Brazilian Coach and player and I know other clubs have been spending to prepare for the League. If we are serious about building a financially viable and sustainable league,we cannot change the financial goal posts two weeks before kick-off without consultation with those who actually have to pay the bills.This whole scenario is not good for the sport and surely does not reflect well for the current executive of the GFF.last_img read more