Floods in Bangladesh India Nepal kill 700

first_imgThis file photo taken on 19 August, 2017 shows Indian children using a raft to travel over flood waters in Araria in Bihar state. Photo: AFPThe confirmed death toll passed 700 and more than a million were driven from their homes as large swathes of South Asia reeled under monsoon floods Sunday, officials said.At least 100 deaths were reported overnight across India and Bangladesh following the latest in a series of deluges since August 10, as the annual monsoon hit the north and east of the region.Anirudh Kumar, a top disaster management official in India’s eastern state of Bihar, said 53 bodies were recovered as water levels started to recede in some areas.“The total death toll stands at 205,” Kumar told AFP.Nearly 400,000 people were staying in state-run shelters, with an estimated 10 million affected by the deluge, the worst since 2008 when nearly 300 people were killed.Some 10,000 emergency workers and soldiers were supporting local officials in relief and rescue operations. In neighbouring Uttar Pradesh state 69 deaths were reported as two million residents remain affected by the floods.Nearly half of the 75 districts in the state have been hit by the floods and authorities are seeking military help to evacuate people in at least two districts.Both the states border Nepal, which was also hit by landslides and floods that killed 135 people. Another 30 are reported to be missing.At least 20 percent of the 28 million people in the landlocked Himalayan state are affected by what the United Nations has called the worst floods to hit the country for 15 years.In India’s eastern state of West Bengal and in the remote northeastern state of Assam, 122 people have died with nearly three million affected by floods.More than 450,000 people were living in relief camps in Assam after the second wave of floods to hit the state in less than four months.The deluge has badly damaged railways and roads.‘Situation improving’-Three more bodies were retrieved in a northern village in West Bengal state, where 55 people have now died. More than a million have been affected, although officials say the situation is fast improving.In Bangladesh at least 115 people have died and some 5.7 million people have been affected by the floods, Shamim Naznin, head of the control room at the department of disaster management, told AFP.She said 31 of the country’s 64 districts have been hit by the floods, forcing nearly 300,000 people to flee their homes and take refuge in makeshift shelters.The state flood forecasting and warning centre said some 30 percent of the country has been inundated, the worst flooding for a decade.But the situation in the country’s north and west was improving quickly because the level of major rivers was falling fast, officials said.Every year hundreds die in landslides and floods during the monsoon season that hits India’s southern tip in early June and sweeps across South Asia for four months.A massive landslide in India’s Himachal Pradesh state swept two passenger buses off a hillside, killing 46 people on August 13.Eight others, including two soldiers, were killed in Uttarakhand state in landslides on Monday.Nearly 350 people died in the first wave of floods that began in mid-July in India’s western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan and several remote northeastern states.last_img read more


Dick Gregory Paul Mooney to Perform at Washingtons Howard Theatre

first_imgComedians Paul Mooney and Dick Gregory. (Facebook Photo)(Updated 11/03/2015) Comedians Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney will once again grace the stage on Dec. 6 to mark their second appearance at Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre in 2015, offering racial satires filled with activism that will not only entertain but teach.Gregory, a St. Louis native, is an activist, philosopher, anti-drug crusader, comedian, author, actor, recording artist, and nutritionist. He also participated in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.After serving in the U.S. Army, Gregory first entered the national comedy scene in 1961 at Chicago’s Playboy Club. According to various websites, his break came as a direct request from publisher Hugh Hefner.  According to The Howard Theatre website, Gregory spent more time on social issues and less time on performing during the 1960s, protesting several issues and participating in marches and parades to support a range of causes, including opposition to the Vietnam War, world hunger, and drug abuse.According to the Americans Who Tell The Truth organization, founded in 2002, Gregory ran for president as a write-in candidate for the Freedom and Peace Party in 1968. His campaign ran on a platform of civil rights, peace in Vietnam, and racial and social justice, the organization’s website stated.Oakland, Calif. native Mooney entered the entertainment field through the Charles Gody Circus, where he was a ringmaster, and later wrote comedy material for Richard Pryor’s “Saturday Night Live” appearances and “The Richard Pryor Show.” He also co-wrote Pryor’s albums “Live On Sunset,”  “Bicentennial Nigger,” and “Is It Something I Said,” as well as Pryor’s film “Jo Jo Dancer.”In addition to writing for Pryor, Mooney also wrote material for “In Living Color,” and co-starred with Damon Wayans and Jada Pinkett-Smith in the Spike Lee film “Bamboozled.”For more information or to purchase tickets for the show, visit thehowardtheatre.com/show/2015/11/03/paul-mooney-dick-gregory-2/. Tickets can also be purchased at ticketmaster.com.last_img read more


Exercises to enhance your running sessions

first_imgPre-running exercises help in increasing the blood flow to the muscles, reducing their stiffness and loosening them for better running, while post-running exercises help the body cool down and improve flexibility and performance, say experts. 4Hip flexor stretch: Stand tall. Flex your hip and knee to bring your right knee up toward your chest as you swing your left arm forward. Lower to the ground, then repeat on the other leg.4Leg flexor stretch: Stand tall with your right arm forward. Bend your knee at a right angle in front of you, thigh parallel to the ground, as you swing your right arm back and left arm forward. Contract your quads to extend your leg straight out. Return to standing, then repeat with the other leg. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf4Plantar flexor stretch: Stand with your hands on your hips. Raise your right foot a few inches, keeping your knee straight. Quickly flex your foot, pointing your toes upward. Return to standing, then repeat with the other foot.4Hip extensor stretch: Hinge forward at your hips. Raise your right foot and bend your right knee in front of you while swinging your left arm forward as you would when running. From there, maintain the same lean as you quickly stretch your right leg behind you. At the same time, swing your right arm forward and your left arm back. Return your knee in front of you and repeat with the other leg. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsivePost-running exercises:4Hamstring stretch: Keep your right leg just a little ahead of your left leg and place your hands on your hips. Now, with your right leg kept straight and toes facing up, bend your left leg. Bend forward towards your right leg with a straight back. Repeat the same with the other leg. This exercise helps you in relaxing your hamstrings after a good run.4Lower back stretch: While lying on your back, pull your right knee to your chest and hold the position for about 15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg and then get both your knees to your chest and hold it for 15 seconds. This exercise helps you gaining more flexibility while running next and also helps you control your breathing. 4Calf stretch: After stretching your right leg forward, bend your front foot at the knee and keep your back foot straight. Keep your left leg straight while pushing your left heel to the ground. Keep doing this till you feel a stretch at the back of your left leg, right below your knee. Repeat the same with the other leg. This exercise relaxes your calf while making them more flexible.4Thigh stretch: Pull your heel towards the left buttock by gently lifting the top of your foot behind you stretching the front of your thigh. Keep your knees together while doing the exercise.ianslast_img read more