5 Instagram Tips for 2019

first_img on May 15, 2019 Email E-Headlines 0 By CBN Twitter Share. Whether you’re running a business online or thinking of becoming an influencer, it’s important for anyone looking to make money online these days to have a strong social media presence. It’s so important that it’s a huge way that companies like Facebook make money, by having sponsored posts and videos pop up anytime a user scrolls on their phone. In addition to providing customers with information about your brand, you’re also getting new followers, which translates into new customers. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-designed, informative website, and why you should be posting regularly on social media platforms.One of the most important platforms these days is Instagram. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways companies connect with customers. So if you want your Instagram account to shine, follow these tips.1 Reflect your brandIn the past, simply having a presence on Instagram was enough, especially for brands who got on it before everyone else started to. But now, if you want to be taken seriously on this platform, you need to have your brand reflected in every part of it, from what filters you choose to a consistent voice in your bio and captions. Create a brand aesthetic that works on all your social media platforms and your website, too, with a logo and voice in your content that match. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at what your competitors are doing, and research what your ideal audience wants, so that you’re getting followers who are interested in what you have to offer.Considering that 50 percent of Instagram users are following brands, you’re likely to get a lot of followers once you’ve established and reflected your brand.2 Use the right hashtagsHashtags are what drive the many likes and follows you get on Instagram. So you need to study up on which ones are best for you. Create some hashtags only for your business (for example, #stylishshoes if that’s your brand name), and research current trending hashtags and those popular in your industry. Remember to include these in your captions (as opposed to in comments), as this is considered more professional and will get you more followers because of Instagram’s algorithms.It’s worth taking the time to use the right hashtags, considering that businesses that use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram are improving their engagement rates up to 12.6 percent.3 Schedule your postsOnce you’ve decided on what look you want for your Instagram profile, you need to post regularly and with intention. Learn when your followers are usually online and aim to post around that time. Additionally, don’t forget about the importance of scheduling them in advance by using a service like Later, which automates the entire process so you won’t forget to post. And remember to post the same content across all your profiles, not just Instagram!Think about this: Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users, so the better your scheduling the strategy, the more customers you’ll get.4 Connect with influencersDid you know that, in 2017, marketers worldwide spent $570 million on influencer marketing? Just imagine how much higher that number must be now. It may not seem like it was necessary when businesses were just getting started on Instagram, but now, connecting with influencers is one of the best ways to get the word out about your product. After all, not only are they showing off how great your services are, but they’re also getting you more followers.It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is search for hashtags you use often, or look up topics in search that are related to your industry. For example, if you sell makeup, you’ll eventually find influencers that people trust for beauty tips by searching for the hashtag #beautytips. Once you’ve found an influencer you think resonates with your brand, reach out to them.5 Use Instagram StoriesFinally, it’s smart to use one of Instagram’s newest features: Instagram Stories. If you have a lot of younger followers, such as Gen Zers, you definitely have to do this. After all, one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses.These are some of the best ways you can master Instagram, whatever the size of your business. Whether you’re in the CBD industry or beauty world, you’ll get way more followers and sales 2019 if you follow these tips.What other strategies do you use to connect with your customers online?center_img 5 Instagram Tips for 2019 Pinterest Tumblr LinkedIn Facebook Google+last_img read more