Nintendo Switch Gets Labo VR Headset

first_img Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on Switch Stay on target The rumors were true. The Nintendo Switch is becoming a VR headset. Only instead of hooking up to a powerful PC to deliver cutting-edge virtual reality visuals, the Switch’s take on VR comes in the form of a new Nintendo Labo cardboard toy. This newly announced kit slots the Switch tablet into a headset you build yourself. The goggles then attach to five different new Toy-Con accessories: a blaster, an elephant, a camera, a bird, and a wind pedal. We love the emphasis on kids staring inside animals.Our initial concerns about Labo VR still remain. How will these games even look on such a low-res screen? But Nintendo pitching their VR as a simple Labo kit and not the Next Big Thing sets the right expectations. The kit comes with a screen holder and safety cap but we hope there’s an easy way to keep your eyes clean, too.Nintendo Labo VR Kit launches April 12, just in time for Labo’s first anniversary. You can either buy the $40 Starter Set and Blaster alongside two $20 expansions or just get it all in one $80 package.AdChoices广告Last week’s Nintendo Direct gave us plenty of reasons to be happy Nintendo Switch owners in 2019 with games like Super Mario Maker 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake, and the only good battle royale game Tetris 99. But 2019 has just started and there are definitely still Switch secrets left to be revealed, especially as Nintendo prepares for the upcoming battle against the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox hardware.And rumors are suggesting that one of the big 2019 Switch reveals could be some kind of accessory that turns the console/handheld hybrid into a full-on virtual reality headset.If you know your gaming history, the idea of another Nintendo virtual reality headset should shock you. After all, the launch and death of the Virtual Boy in 1995 is still probably Nintendo’s greatest failure. Even the 3DS had to convince people its display tech wouldn’t give them huge headaches like that red-and-black monstrosity.But that was then and this is now, a time when VR gaming headsets are basically an established thing. The question is how would the technology work on Switch specifically, a platform less powerful than the PlayStation 4 let alone the hefty gaming PCs that the HTC Vive takes advantage of.According the rumor, coming from famous Nintendo gossiper Emily Rogers, you would slot the tablet itself into a headset as the display. If this is a Nintendo Labo kit, you may even be building that headset yourself. That sounds pretty cool! In 2017 a modder turned his Switch into a headset using basically the same idea. But now you could get official VR support for Nintendo games.And beyond just being an intuitive idea, there have been enough hints of Switch VR throughout the years to make us believe this is the real deal. Executives have alluded to it. Patents have described it. Jailbroken operating systems contain references to it. The Switch’s 720p screen is relatively blurry for VR, but if phones inside cardboard can pull this off so can the Switch. Maybe this is also why a smaller Switch with higher pixel density is on the way.A Switch VR reveal would be a pretty exciting E3 announcement. Maybe pair it with the new Pokemon games to give you a Pokemon Go experience without leaving the home. If you’re looking for some Switch games to play right now in regular reality though we’ve got a nice list right here.last_img read more