US poised to lead global oil pipeline growth through to 2024

first_img Around 4,900km of oil pipeline growth is expected in the US by 2024 The US will dominate global crude oil trunk and transmission pipeline growth over the coming years, accounting for around a quarter of all new capacity through to 2024.Pipeline length additions totalling almost 4,900km in the country have either been approved or are currently pending approval, according to research firm GlobalData – far more than any other country.By 2024, new extensions globally are expected to exceed 17,000km, with US additions to more than double those of nearest rivals Russia and Canada, which will install 2,040k, and 1,443km respectively over the period. Oil price recovery boosts prospects of US pipeline growthWith West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude currently resurging towards $60 per barrel for the first time in more than a year, there is growing optimism of an approaching recovery for the US oil industry, after a year in which the pandemic caused huge market disruption.US producers who were forced into strict capital discipline and operational cutbacks over the past 12 months are now looking forward to friendlier economic conditions, as prices recover and accelerating vaccine rollouts raise the prospect of demand growth for their products.“The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in project delays and capex cuts in the US crude oil transmission pipelines segment,” said GlobalData oil and gas analyst Soorya Tejomoortula.“However, the sector is expected to gradually recover from the pandemic impact if the recovery of crude oil prices continues, and any potential ramp-up of production by the US shale producers in the near future.”The new administration of President Joe Biden has taken a more circumspect approach to the US oil industry than its predecessor as it plots a transition to a low-carbon economy, although policies introduced so far to pause new leasing for production activity on federal lands is unlikely to affect near-term growth prospects too heavily.Among the major pipeline projects on the horizon in the US is Jupiter, a transmission network planned to carry crude from drilling sites in the Permian Basin to storage terminals along the Gulf of Mexico.Jupiter will span 1,094km connecting these two key regions of US oil activity, with first operations expected to begin in 2023.The Capline Reversal project is another important part of the growth prospects in this midstream sector in the US. The pipeline formerly carried crude oil from production sites in the Gulf of Mexico to refineries in the Midwest, but is now being re-engineered to switch the direction of travel from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico. After a year in which the pandemic disrupted operations and project planning, recovering oil prices will encourage a surge in US pipeline growthlast_img read more


Nekvasil to announce Saint Mary’s College President-Elect Wednesday, following ten-month nationwide search

first_imgSaint Mary’s Interim President Nancy Nekvasil and other campus dignitaries will announce and introduce the incoming College president at a “special event” for students, faculty and staff Wednesday, according to a media alert. Nekvasil will be joined by Gretchen Flicker, chair of the board of trustees and an alumna from the College’s class of 1993, and Sr. Veronique Wiedower, CSC president of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and an alumna from the College’s class of 1970, in announcing the president-elect.The new president was chosen after a ten-month nationwide search and will be the 14th individual to fill the position since the College was originally founded in 1844. He or she will take office this summer.The search was conducted with assistance from WittKieffer, a national search firm specializing in “presidential and executive searches in higher education,” according to the presidential search webpage. The search committee included trustees, faculty, administrators, students, alumnae and parents.The event will take place on Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the atrium of Spes Unica Hall.Tags: Board of Trustees, Gretchen Flicker, Interim President Nancy Nekvasil, president-elect, SMC presidential search commitee, Spes Unica, Sr. Veronique Wiedowerlast_img read more


Couture’s hat trick, power play charge Sharks win over Sabres

first_imgSAN JOSE — The power play finally broke through. Martin Jones did, as well.The Sharks (3-3-1) picked up a 5-1 win at SAP Center Thursday by coming out on the right side of a special teams game with the Buffalo Sabres. Logan Couture helped out, as well, with his third-career hat trick.The Sharks went 3 for 7 with the man advantage after converting just twice in 21 tries in their first six games. The penalty kill did its job, as well, going 5 for 5 on the night, allowing the Sharks to earn a …last_img


Mailbag: who’s to blame for the Sharks current losing skid?

first_imgANAHEIM, Calif. — A four-game losing streak and shellacking from the Vegas Golden Knights provided for than enough fodder to re-ignite the season of anxiety in Sharks territory.Erik Karlsson missed his 10th straight game in Los Angeles on Thursday. Radim Simek is out indefinitely with a major-knee injury. Joe Pavelski is on the shelf now, as well, Logan Couture missed Thursday’s game with flu-like symptoms and the Sharks are looking down the barrel of a potential first-round playoff matchup …last_img


South Africa’s first green theatre production

first_img13 April 2016Power Struggle, written by comedian Nik Rabinowitz with Tom Eaton and Darryl Bristow-Bovey, creatively unpacks the journey from the Big Bang to the iPhone, highlighting how power and energy is an essential building block of Earth’s evolution as well as its inhabitants.“Power Struggle is a well-structured, intelligent and hilarious package; a comedic venture worth exploring” –@woict pic.twitter.com/U3Yom759RJ— Power Struggle (@PowerStruggle_) April 2, 2016Behind the scenes and behind @nikrabinowitz – all systems funny for tonight’s opening show of #PowerStruggle pic.twitter.com/CgVx0AdS4E— Angel Campey (@YesReallyAngel) March 29, 2016Rabinowitz acts as narrator and hero in the show – the Power Struggler – who takes his audience on an insightful and hilarious journey across the history of power through the ages. He brings to it the uniquely multilingual South African comedic sensibility that has made him one of the country’s most popular performers.Such a pleasure to have worked with this man! @davidkramerSA thanks @TheFugard look out for #snedladla pic.twitter.com/emS86S22nK— IG: SNECOMEDY (@snecomedy) February 24, 2015Sne Dladla, who made his name as a stand-up comedian and actor in David Kramer’s Orpheus in Africa, is the hugely entertaining Power Professor who forms part of the educational sideshow of the production, Information is Power. Dladla puts his beatboxing and dance skills to good use in highlighting the benefits and ease of sustainable energy solutions.“In essence (the show is) designed to be a sustainability consciousness shifter,” Rabinowitz explains. “We’d like to create an experience that leaves people feeling good, but also delivers a strong message to keep them thinking once they leave. Predictably what they’ll be thinking once they leave is ‘How can I drive off without paying the car guard?’ but maybe after that they might wonder about how to funnel grey water into the sprinkler system.”About last night @nikrabinowitz is electrifying in #powerstruggle at @baxtertheatre #thoug. https://t.co/7pGQSljOy6 pic.twitter.com/fxfJgg4neQ— Green Power Monitor (@greenpwrmonitor) April 1, 2016Power Struggle’s overall message is that humans, who have ultimately mastered the power struggle, now have a responsibility to find ways to use power and energy in a more sustainable way to safeguard the planet. And the show itself puts its money where its mouth is, using renewable energy to power the production.In a world first, 50% of the production is powered by renewable resources, including lighting and sound rigs powered by bio-fuels generators, solar and other renewable power sources, all of which are incorporated into the narrative of the show.It is directed by the internationally renowned Daniel Kutner, who with Broadway legend Harold Prince has been responsible for some of the biggest international stage productions, including Phantom of the Opera and West Side Story.The whole production is steered by South African comedy theatre legend, producer Sam Hendrikse, who was the brains behind the hugely successful South African comedy show Bafunny Bafunny. It sold out the Royal Albert Hall in London and performed to more than 100 000 fans around the country.The show debuted in South Africa in March 2016 at Cape Town’s Baxter Theatre. It moves to Johannesburg in September and Durban in October. After return performances in the Cape at the end of the year, the production hopes to travel to other South African centres and Namibia during 2017, culminating in performances in New York City in April 2017.Source: Cape Town At Nightlast_img read more


Tom Bradys Statistical Place In The Pantheon Of NFL QBs

19Bob Griese+356439Matt Ryan+1865 1Joe Montana+20768021Mark Rypien+39538 6Troy Aikman+11564826Jeff Hostetler+33862 Why? Under the leverage-weighted scheme, playoff games are given an incredible amount of emphasis. Wild card games are worth about 26 times as much as the average regular season game; that multiplier becomes 51 for the divisional round, 102 for the conference championship games and a whopping 205 for the Super Bowl (you can read more about this math at the end of the post).Because of the extreme weighting given to playoff games, Brady loses ground to Montana, whose three best Super Bowls were each at least 47 adjusted yards of value better than any of Brady’s Super Bowls. (Montana’s worst Super Bowl was also better than three of Brady’s Super Bowls.) Warner also gets a massive boost from his Super Bowl performances in 2000 and 2009 — the latter of which ranks as the single-best passing game of the Super Bowl era after adjusting for the strength of opponent and the leverage of the game — in addition to big games at lower rungs of the playoff ladder. Adding in the postseason hurts Brady.So, is Brady the best all of time? At his regular-season peak, he might very well be. And if he has a few more great seasons, he could pass Manning on career value over average. But for now, Montana reigns supreme among Super Bowl-era QBs when playoff performance is included in the calculations.Here’s how the math works out: The average regular-season game moves a team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl by about 0.24 percentage points. That’s because every team starts out with a 1 in 32 chance of winning it all, which inevitably moves to either zero (for the 20 teams who miss the playoffs) or 1 in 12 ( for playoff teams) once all 16 games are played. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl swings each team’s chances by 50 percent — either up from 50-50 to 100 percent, or down to zero. 19Daryle Lamonica+4287939Bob Griese+19743 13Roger Staubach+530333Phil Simms+2161 4Joe Montana+795124Daryle Lamonica+3008 6Aaron Rodgers+754526Jim Kelly+2669 18Boomer Esiason+394438Mark Brunell+1935 11Ben Roethlisberger+561531Joe Namath+2371 7Fran Tarkenton+742127Carson Palmer+2620 7Brett Favre+10093527Jim McMahon+32416 13Aaron Rodgers+6203133Donovan McNabb+23794 15Roger Staubach+5680335Joe Theismann+23474 QUARTERBACKWEIGHTED VALUEQUARTERBACKWEIGHTED VALUE QUARTERBACKREG. SEASON VALUEQUARTERBACKREG. SEASON VALUE 20Dan Marino+4023640Joe Namath+19573 17Jake Delhomme+4812337Matt Hasselbeck+22607 17John Elway+430037Daunte Culpepper+1936 2Kurt Warner+14377922Phil Simms+38564 9Drew Brees+686329Jeff Garcia+2442 8Ken Anderson+712628Roman Gabriel+2564 Of course, any good ranking of quarterbacks should also give credit for performance in the playoffs, and Brady’s trump card over Manning has always been the postseason. But here’s where the twist comes in: After crediting playoff passing value over average (according to the same formula described above) with weight given to each game according to how much it changes a team’s probability of winning the Super Bowl relative to the average regular season game — a form of leverage index for the importance of football games — Brady passes Manning but is surpassed by two others: Joe Montana and our old friend Kurt Warner: 14Bart Starr+6197034Dan Fouts+23589 18Russell Wilson+4311838Randall Cunningham+20142 16Joe Flacco+5043836Erik Kramer+23353 3Tom Brady+13135523Eli Manning+38401 4Terry Bradshaw+12641024Ken Anderson+37520 14Philip Rivers+520434Bart Starr+2155 15Brett Favre+502035Troy Aikman+2071 10Dan Fouts+686330Matt Schaub+2379 8Drew Brees+8710528Doug Williams+29832 10John Elway+7059330Mark Sanchez+28016 9Steve Young+7104529Len Dawson+28991 12Ken Stabler+6337232Philip Rivers+24280 11Jim Plunkett+6547731Bernie Kosar+25207 3Dan Marino+1035423John Hadl+3094 A vast amount of column space was spent this week debating whether Tom Brady had finally ascended to No. 1 in the all-time pantheon of quarterbacking greatness. (Many of the articles argued that, yes, Brady is now the best ever.)These assessments leaned heavily on the fact that Brady is tied with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl victories of any quarterback. But even Patriots fans have to acknowledge that “count the rings” isn’t the most nuanced argument in the world. So, what do the numbers say about Brady’s legacy?The common narrative is that early-career Brady wasn’t a statistical monster, to the point that his playoff wins over Peyton Manning in 2003 and 2004 were held up as victories for clutch, gritty winners everywhere. But the truth is that, in addition to his gaudy record as a postseason starter, Brady was one of the league’s top five to 10 regular-season quarterbacks statistically even before his transformation into a passing efficiency god in 2007.In other words, the “clutch game manager” phase of Brady’s career was never as game manager-y as his detractors made it out to be. And ever since, he’s been as efficient a regular-season QB as any in NFL history.To measure QB performance, I used Chase Stuart’s formula for passing value, which compares a quarterback’s adjusted net yards per attempt (ANY/A) to the league average after adjusting for home-field advantage, weather effects and strength of schedule. By that metric, the late-career version of Brady owns practically every stretch of the best consecutive peak passing regular seasons in the Super Bowl era:Now, some of that is due to sheer passing volume; while shorter schedules have been prorated to 16 games, today’s passers drop back so much more often per game than their predecessors did that they have more chances to add value. Even so, Brady’s stats have risen far above those of his peers (including Manning) during the peak of his career once all the aforementioned adjustments are made.In terms of total career regular season value, however, Brady does not rank No. 1 among Super Bowl era quarterbacks — his 11,921 adjusted yards of value over average ranks second to Manning’s 13,791-yard mark: 12Tony Romo+540632Jim Hart+2303 20Len Dawson+354640Bert Jones+1852 5Steve Young+785425Donovan McNabb+2837 16Kurt Warner+434436John Brodie+1978 1Peyton Manning+1379121Trent Green+3512 5Peyton Manning+12247425Colin Kaepernick+35337 2Tom Brady+1192122Sonny Jurgensen+3145 read more


New computer dating technology changing the history of Britain

first_img An example of the new dating technique can be seen with Windmill Hill. Originally it was believed to have been built between 3,700BC and 3,100BC. The new dating technique has narrowed down that time frame to between 3,700BC and 3,640BC.The Neolithic period occurred in Britain between 4000BC and 2000BC when residents began to settle into an agricultural way of life instead of nomadic hunters and gatherers. According to the lead archaeologist Dr. Alex Bayliss, farming began in the south-east region of England a few decades before 4,000BC. It progressed to western parts of England over a period of about two centuries before there was a sudden increase in development.The building of causewayed enclosures throughout Britain were originally believed to have spread over the course of five centuries, but this new dating technique shows that it was much more rapid and spanned only about 75 years. Evidence also shows that the construction of these enclosures created a hierarchy of some sort that led to violence and challenges, with many of the enclosures showing evidence of attacks with large numbers of arrows.It is the hope of researchers that this new dating technology which looks at the radiocarbon date of organic materials within a statistical model may be used to better date other events around the world such as the collapse of the Mayans and the development of farming in China. Neolithic Britain revealed © 2010 PhysOrg.com Citation: New computer dating technology changing the history of Britain (2011, June 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-06-dating-technology-history-britain.html Explore further (PhysOrg.com) — In a new study called Gathering Time published this month, archaeologists from English Heritage and Cardiff University have been able to create an accurate timeline of the first 700 years of settlement in Britain. Using a newly refined computer and dating system, the researchers have been able to accurately date battle, migrations and construction. This new dating system has changed what was originally believed to have taken place over a time span of 700 years and narrowed it down to less than 100 years. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more


One of Apples Very First Computers Expected to Fetch 400000 at Auction

first_img Register Now » 1 min read Apple diehards will soon have the chance to own a formative piece of the company’s history, when one of the very first Apple 1 computers is auctioned off on October 22.The Apple 1, which marks the storied company’s inaugural product, was concocted by Steve Wozniak in either Steve Jobs’ family garage or in his little sister’s bedroom.The still-functioning motherboard, which will be offered by Bonhams New York, is expected to fetch between $300,000 and $500,000, according to the auction house. For comparison’s sake, when the product was first introduced in 1976, it was sold for a rather ominous $666.66.While the Apple 1 computer singlehandedly “[heralded] the dawn of the personal computer revolution,” according to Bonhams, only 200 units were ever made — roughly 15 of which are still operational today.Related: Apple Reportedly Delays Launch of Jumbo iPad October 9, 2014center_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more