Sentencing Council recommended for Guyana

first_img– to assist with reducing large prison populationBy Samuel SukhnandanOne of the recommendations coming out of a study that looked at alternatives to incarceration for pre-trial detainees is for Guyana to establish a Sentencing Council. The final draft report stated that this could help to address the problems associated with the increase in the prison population here.Consultant Peter PursgloveThe report which was recently submitted to Government and was prepared by consultant Peter Pursglove under the Citizen Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP) of the Public Security Ministry stated that there was a lack of clear and coherent sentencing policies.Over the years, sentencing policies have been developed piecemeal and there has been no unified approach to sentencing issues among the legislative, executive and judicial branches of Government.As such, Pursglove said that there was a need for this specialised body to oversee and coordinate sentencing policy in Guyana. But to perform this function, a Sentencing Council must be established and mandated to draft sentencing guidelines.“The establishment of the Sentencing Council will address the problems inherent in the current sentencing structures, whether neither Parliament nor the judiciary acting alone is able to make comprehensive sentencing policy and manage sentencing levels and prison populations,” the report added.It was noted that where Parliament provides little or no legislative guidance on sentencing, it is sentencing judges who largely determine sentencing policy.They are directed to the Court of Appeal for guidance on sentencing. However, it was found that the usefulness of individual appellate court decisions is limited. But more importantly, when giving sentencing guidance, courts of appeal do not have the time and resources to undertake systematic research or to investigate the cost-effectiveness of the options.“A Sentencing Council with a mandate to draft sentencing guidelines can improve transparency, predictability and consistency of sentencing.It can help to address the problems of prison over-use, sentencing disparity, increase public confidence in the criminal justice system and provide a means of avoiding the politicisation of sentencing practice and policy,” it further added.Pursglove said in the final draft report that given the importance and complexity of sentencing and the magnitude of the task to be accomplished by the various agencies involved in the criminal justice system, there is a need in Guyana for a permanent and specially constituted body to oversee the entire sentencing process and ensure effective coordination of consistent sentencing policy.In providing an insight as to what may constitute a Sentencing Council to be established here, the consultant said that it would include the provision of guidance to Judges and Magistrates; the gathering and provision of information and statistics for monitoring; planning and policy development; and engaging the community by informing and consulting the public.The role of the Sentencing Council could be amplified to include collecting and disseminating sentencing information, compiling statistical data, developing sentencing guidelines and providing judicial education and training for judicial officers.It could, therefore, play a valuable role in producing accurate but readily accessible information about sentencing issues for the media and the public.“The Sentencing Council could also carry out an evaluation of the impact of both existing and proposed sentencing legislation, particularly in relation to penal resources and the cost-effectiveness of different sentencing options, including their impact on prison populations,” he added.Pursglove acknowledged in his report that the current sentencing system did little to prepare judicial officers for sentencing the offenders who appear before the courts. One deficiency pointed out in the Guyana sentencing process is the lack of adequate information and data to support sentencing divisions. And given the lack of that information, it has led to a disparity in sentencing.With the establishment of a permanent Sentencing Council, it could effectively complement the work of the Court of Appeal.The Council would be primarily responsible for the formulation, review and updating of sentencing guidelines while the Court of Appeal would be responsible for application of the guidelines. This partnership would help to balance the need for greater uniformity and equality of justice while maintaining a sufficient degree of flexibility to allow for individualisation of sentences in appropriate cases.The consultant conducted meetings with key stakeholders in order to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Guyana’s approach to the provision of alternatives to incarceration, along with opportunities for reform and development.The study also looked at issues including juvenile detention; sentencing policy; discretion available to Judges, Magistrates, Police and Prosecutors; capacity of probation and other systems of supervision of non-custodial sanctions, including possible collaboration with civil society organisations; restorative justice; and decriminalising certain acts.last_img read more


New Features for Expo Jamaica Trade Fair

first_img A Jamaica Emerging Manufacturers’ and Services (JEMS) Village is among the new features at the 2018 Expo Jamaica trade fair, slated for the National Arena and National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston from April 19 to 22.The Village, aimed at enhancing patrons’ experience, will showcase micro and small business industries, including castor oil, nutraceuticals, beauty and spa care, aromatherapy, and bamboo products.Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank at the Agency’s head office in Kingston, Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA) Executive Director, Imega Breese McNab, said while 42 booth spaces were reserved for the JEMS Village, “to date we have sold more than (these); so (this is) clear testament that there are businesses which are looking for (exposure through) this (type of) platform.”“From the previous expo, we realized that there were small and medium businesses that did not have the funds to purchase the larger booths. So we thought it would be helpful to (provide) an area within the exhibition that allowed the smaller businesses to showcase their products/services. This would also facilitate interactions between the exhibitors of micro and small businesses and the buyers on a stage that they would never (otherwise) have had (in order to have an) opportunity to engage (with each other),’ she noted.Mrs. McNab explained that there are specific selection criteria for businesses interested in and desirous of benefiting from the JEMS Village initiative.“We are looking to support companies that are earning less than $20 million annually, those that are tax compliant and registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica and are employing less than 10 persons. All of this information is required before selection… is considered,” she said.Mrs. McNab also indicated that a park and ride service for the patrons is another new feature.“We are encouraging patrons… to drive to Kings House, park their vehicles there and hop onto one of the shuttle buses that will be heading to the expo venues. It is free parking and transportation,” she informed.The Executive Director said this is to ensure ease of travel and prevent congestion for the 20,000 persons expected to attend the event.She also advised that patrons will be admitted to the expo through a new entrance at the National Indoors Sports Centre that connects them the National Arena, thereby affording them access to exhibitors in both buildings.Another new addition is the ‘Fun Zone’ which includes a petting zoo featuring animals from the Hope Zoo.“There will also be popcorn, Snow Cones and cotton candy (being served), and a bounce-a-bout and rock climber,” Mrs. McNab further said.Additionally, the Food Court will be expanded across the entire front area of the arena.“Caribbean Broilers (CB) are back on board as the official food court partners. CB has indicated its intention to build out a more elaborate and bigger food court to better cater to the needs of the over 20,000 patrons who pass through the show annually,” she said.Meanwhile, Mrs. McNab advised that new partner, Wisynco, has sealed its commitment to the show and will be assisting in making the event eco-friendly by using various platforms to educate patrons on the need for recycling and keeping the environment clean through its various initiatives.There will also be a farmers market, coordinated by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, for persons who may be seeking produce.The Jamaica Manufacturers Association and Jamaica Exporters Association are collaborating with Jamaica Promotions Corporation for the biennial trade show’s 46th staging this year under the theme: ‘Advancing Breakthroughs’.General admission is $800 for adults, $200 for children under 12; and free for youngsters two years and under.Patrons can purchase tickets online at Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank at the Agency’s head office in Kingston, Jamaica Manufacturers Association (JMA) Executive Director, Imega Breese McNab, said while 42 booth spaces were reserved for the JEMS Village, “to date we have sold more than (these); so (this is) clear testament that there are businesses which are looking for (exposure through) this (type of) platform.” Story Highlights Mrs. McNab explained that there are specific selection criteria for businesses interested in and desirous of benefiting from the JEMS Village initiative. A Jamaica Emerging Manufacturers’ and Services (JEMS) Village is among the new features at the 2018 Expo Jamaica trade fair, slated for the National Arena and National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston from April 19 to 22.last_img read more


La route jusquà Ottawa sannonce difficile pour lexprésidente de lAFAC

first_imgNouvelles nationales de l’APTNMichèle Audette aura eu l’occasion de se présenter deux fois sous la bannière libérale au cours des présentes élections. Elle le fera dans la circonscription de Terrebonne, en banlieue de Montréal. Ses rivaux sont le bloquiste Michel Boudrias, le conservateur Michel Surprenant et la députée NPD sortante Charmaine Borg, qui n’avait que 20 ans lorsque la vague orange néo-démocrate a déferlé sur le Québec en 2011.Mme Audette est née dans la communauté innue de Mani-Utenam, près de Sept-Îles, au Québec. Elle n’était cependant pas considérée comme une Indienne de plein droit, sa mère s’étant mariée avec un non autochtone. Ce n’est qu’en 2010 qu’elle a obtenu le statut d’Indienne. Selon une biographie (en anglais), c’est cette injustice qui l’a poussée vers l’activisme. Âgée d’à peine 16 ans, Mme Audette s’est impliquée comme bénévole au Centre d’amitié autochtone de Montréal pour défendre la cause des femmes des Premières Nations du Canada. Michèle Audette n’est certainement pas une étrangère pour le public du réseau APTN. Les auditoires d’APTN National News et de Nation to Nation ont pu se familiariser avec elle alors qu’elle était présidente à la fois de l’Association des femmes autochtones du Québec et de l’Association des femmes autochtones du Canada (AFAC).  Mme Audette est bien connue pour sa défense de longue date de la cause des femmes autochtones assassinées et disparues. Dans le cadre du programme Sœurs par l’esprit–et son successeur, De la preuve à l’action, l’AFAC a commencé à dénombrer le nombre de cas de femmes disparues et assassinées au Canada. Mme Audette s’est démenée auprès de la GRC pour amener cette dernière à reconnaître les chiffres compilés et auprès du gouvernement conservateur pour faire financer leurs efforts. Cette lutte est racontée en détail dans ce long article de Ken Jackson, d’APTN National News. C’est le refus de Stephen Harper de tenir une enquête nationale sur les femmes assassinées et disparues qui a convaincu Mme Audette de se lancer sur la scène politique fédérale. « Je me plaignais », a‑t-elle confié au Globe and Mail il y a plus d’un an. « Alors, je me suis dit, pourquoi ne pas me faire entendre à l’intérieur du système? »Sa première tentative fut dans la circonscription de Manicouagan, où se trouve sa communauté natale. Toutefois, à l’assemblée de mise en candidature en mars, elle a perdu lors d’un vote très serré remporté par Mario Tremblay. Cela aurait pu donner lieu à une course captivante puisque le candidat néo-démocrate sortant là-bas est Jonathan‑Genest‑Jourdain, également innu. Après avoir perdu de justesse, elle avait à l’époque dit à APTN que la météo défavorable et les bulletins de vote postaux perdus ou retardés avaient joué en sa défaveur.En mai, elle a laissé entendre au Soleil qu’elle envisageait un retour en politique et qu’elle avait reçu l’offre de briguer les suffrages ailleurs au Québec. Par conséquent, ce ne fut pas une grande surprise quand le Parti libéral a annoncé le mois dernier la candidature de Michèle Audette à Terrebonne. Bien qu’il s’agisse d’une nouvelle circonscription, Terrebonne est constitué d’autres territoires qui, jusqu’à la vague orange néo-démocrate de 2011, élisaient régulièrement des députés bloquistes. Michèle Audette correspond à la définition d’une candidate parachutée, et bien qu’elle souhaite représenter les citoyens de la banlieue de Montréal, elle a avoué à Ici Radio-Canada que Manicouagan reste dans son cœur. Elle devra surmonter le fait qu’elle vient de l’extérieur et tirer parti de la grande jeunesse de Mme Borg si elle veut avoir une chance de livrer personnellement son message sur les femmes assassinées et disparues à Ottawa.last_img read more


LIME lights Christmas Tree in Provo hundreds turn out

first_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 02 Dec 2015 – Hundreds of children and their parents poured into the parking lot of the Leeward Highway office of LIME for the annual tree lighting, which is now five years old. The area was transformed and featured lots of giveaways, trivia questions, performances from Barbara Johnson and the Breezy Beach Dancers and appearance by Santa. Santa not only proved he could ‘whip, nae nae, shake his stanky legs and bop,’ but he gave hundreds of gifts to children from as young as six months old. Another highlight of the evening was lighting of the Christmas Tree, which is now decorated and standing as a reminder of the holiday season outside of the LIME store in Provo. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp The Indian Premier League Has a New Home in the Caribbean Flow Sports now offers an unrivalled Cricket line-up Related Items:christmas tree lighting, lime Flow counting down to Rio Games, launches Gold Tour campaign Perdina wins Movado Watch set from LIME & Jai’slast_img read more


Danny Buoys closed down until environmental health problem fixed

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, November 3, 2016 – The recently passed Food and Drug legislation has given the Environmental Health Department more teeth and for a popular eatery and lounge in Grace Bay, this meant a fix for a long standing problem which posed serious health hazards or face being shut down until it is rectified.Magnetic Media was informed by another Grace Bay business owner that Danny Buoys was not being a very good neighbor due to a situation where sewerage from its tank was somehow seeping into the Salt Mills Plaza property next door.Health Officials had reportedly long been on the matter, but could do little to enforce correction of the unhygienic predicament.  Director of EHD, Kenrick Neely yesterday explained that changes to the regulations this year in the ordinance governing food premises allows Environmental Health to now deal with outstanding issues like this one.When we dropped by Danny Buoys, there was a notice sign posted on the door saying that the restaurant and hang out was closed due to plumbing problems and there was work ongoing at the rear of the property to remedy the situation. Related Items:#dannybuoysclosedlast_img read more