Managing water in coalbed methane wells

first_imgBig Cat Energy’s patented ARIDTM underground water management system, which allows coalbed methane (CBM) operators to re-inject the water byproduct at a fraction of the cost of current technology, will be marketed in the US by Universal Well Site Solutions, a CBM industry leader. ARID, the Aquifer Recharge Injection Device, uses the existing well bore to move water from the target coal seam to a shallower aquifer of similar water quality. With the ARID tool and process in use, the production well will not require the discharge of any produced water or the use of a separate re-injection well for any of the produced water. “Universal Well Site Solutions has the marketing power, industry relationships, stellar reputation and dedicated sales and marketing team we believe will help our ARID technology become the process of choice for CBM operators seeking to cut costs and optimise production,” said Tim Barritt, President, CEO and Director of Big Cat Energy Corp.Cathy Conner, CEO and Chairman of Universal Well Site Solutions called the ARID an industry breakthrough that should be welcomed by CBM producers as a primary tool in their down-hole water management solutions. “This is a green solution that we know will be received well by ranchers, farmers, environmentalists and regulators who are concerned-as everyone is-about underground water quality, availability and recharge,” said Conner. “Leaving the water underground where nature intended it to be is a major step forward for the environment, in addition to the dollar savings for gas producers looking for every financial advantage they can find in this market. Because of its many benefits to end-users and the environment, we look forward to marketing the ARID in the US and later in key CBM markets globally.”“One of the primary benefits of our ARID system is that the water never leaves the well bore,” said Barritt. “It is redirected into different aquifer zones, which are easily identified from the geophysical logs the company runs to confirm the coal zones when the well is first drilled.”Details of the ARID technology, specifications and applications can be viewed at or at read more